Budget-Friendly and Best 3 in 1 FTM STP Packers For Trans Guys

Different stores provide different FTM STP Packers but we will describe our store products that are budget-friendly & high-value products. This material is fully body-safe & the ftm trans man can use it regularly.

Budget-Friendly and FTM STP packers and good for the body and regular usage. It can wash easily and can give the packers whenever you want to giveaway to your friends or sold it.

From 2020, we started a new company. Our mission of us is to provide the best STP packers with affordable pricing. Luckily we have gotten many positive & negative reviews in the last years. From positive reviews, we are inspired to give you the best & from negative we learn your choices. And we are always trying to improve our services and product quality according to your suggestions.

Basically, we understand the needs of trans guys & always try to help them to decrease their bottom dysphoria. Our products are helping many trans guys in it. From your love, we discovered many new items for you.

In the beginning, we did 2-3 trials on STP rods, and from their experience, we improve it and make it user-friendly. The STP users can provide their user experience in our product reviews section. It's open for them for always.

Now we come on the main topic. The topic is proving you FTM 3in1 STP packers that are best for trans guys. We have 4-5 products which are 3 in 1 STP packers. Here is the list.

  1. Axolom THINKER STP Packer
  2. Axolom Handy STP Packer
  3. Axolom Knight STP Packer
  4. AXOLOM Homerun Big Buldge STP Packer
  5. AXOLOM The Squire STP Packer

These are the axolom 3 in 1 FTM STP packers. Most of the STP packers are budget-friendly & of good quality. Some people still finding FTM STP packer and guilelines. We have shared a related article: FTM STP Packers According To Your Desire | All In One

What does it mean by FTM 3 in 1 STP packer?

FTM means female to male transgender, 3 in 1 means a product that has 3 alternative options and STP packer means to stand to pee device that is used in restrooms, public washroom, etc. The FTM 3in1 STP includes :

  • Stand to Pee
  • Pack & Play

Why we should buy the 3in1 STP device?

You should buy only one STP packer which includes the three options ( exam: stand to pee, pack & play). It will save you money. On the other hand, we can't carry more to a place.

How many days I can use FTM packers' STP devices?

It varies on the product. If you wash it regularly with water and use it with care, you can use it for 1-3 years.

Which is the realistic STP packer?

Axolom provides the realistic STP packer among the trans brothers so that they love the product for use. You may visit axolom.com store.

Do you find the best STP 3n1 FTM packer?

If you find the best STP 3n1 FTM packer for yourself, you can buy axolom packers. It has a great quality. You can pee with it, sex with your partner.

STP ftm brown prosthetic 4 in 1 packer is also available. We have 4-5 colors now. You can choose a brown STP packer for yourself.

Which harnesses for STP packers are good?

There is multiple STP harnesses in our market. You can use any of them with axolom STP. Before that, you must know of carrying details of the STP. It means which harness will be suitable for your packer. You should have known that.

What is the difference between a cheap STP packer and budget-friendly stp packer?

A cheap stp packer isn't good for long-term usage. Whenever we buy cheap packers, we get the lowest quality. That's not good for us and for our health. Budget-friendly stp packers are safe and made from original silicone.

Why axolom provides stp packers in a cheap pricing?

Our main goal is to serve the packers to every consumers because stp packers are important for transgender guys and other company charges big pricing for it. We want that everyone will use our stand to pee prosthetics whatever they are rich or anything else.

How to buy uncut stp packers?

Finding uncut stp packers is a great choice. Axolom sells uncut stp packers at the same price. You can buy an uncut stand to pee prosthetics and cut stp prosthetics at the same budget. Check our store - axolom.com

What are the best-selling stp packers in 2022?

Knight, Handy, and Thinker are the top-selling stp packers in 2022 and the feedback is also positive. We get several feedbacks in the year and we will love to maintain the quality and provide genuine packers among the transgender community.

How to intercourse/sex with packer and rod?

At first , insert the rod in the stp packer and wear a harness so that it keep attached with your bottom part, and play it with your partner.

How to buy ftm harness?

You can go to another trans-friendly store and buy it if you think it works well. We haven't released the harness yet. But we will launch ftm harness this year.

Can I use ftm stp packer regularly?

Yes, You can, Our consumers can use their ftm stp packer on a regular basis. It's made by original silicone and it's 100% body-safe material. Trans man can use the packer regularly and wash it.

How to wash stp packers?

You can wash it whenever you want. First boil water, then boil it and clean it with care.

Why you shouldn't buy cheap stp packers?

Many stores sell stp packers at a cheap rate but it's not body-safe. It can harm our private parts too. Before using any packers, you must read the material info and also ask for reviews from the old users. This will help you to know about the products pros and cons. You can do servey on that so that everyone can know the truth.

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