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Would you use an STP packer before? If yes or not, then it is the right place to gather knowledge. Both of them can learn and gain knowledge. We would like to represent all the FTM STP packers according to your desire.

How would you know what's your desire? We knew not everybody cleared the question. But we would love to help you to choose a penis packer. There are some important things that you should be careful about before purchasing any STP packer from any store.

The STP packer is representing a silicone-made penis prosthetic that is used for urination, and sexual desire and uses all over the day. A-style STP device is only a device which doesn’t look like a penis. Let's know what is the difference and usage.

Suppose, you are travelling outside such as mountains. You don't see any public restrooms beside the place. You thought this time by having a packer STP, you can go for urination anywhere.

According to the paragraph, you feel you need an STP packer but you didn’t know which one to buy for yours.

STP packer can be three types.

  • Stand-to-pee prosthetics
  • FTM Packer
  • Erect Packer

Stand to Pee prosthetics is also called "STP packer" in shorts. The difference between stand-to-pee prosthetics and other FTM STP packers is you may be able to stand to pee in front of public restrooms but other FTM STP packers don’t have the hole to went out the pee.

You may see a lot of stand- o pee packers in online stores. Every STP packer is different and you need to test it before using public places. Before you purchase any STP packer, you must check the options.


Stand to pee packers can be many types or variants. Some STP device has a heavy weight. As a reason, it occurs discomfort. The weight of a stand to pee packer should be under 350 grams. Every packer looks fine for the first-time user. Then it feels like you wear a heavy thing. As a result, they start buying another STP packer for packing.


The hole is a very important thing for urination. A hole should be perfect. It must be handled overflow pee. Some stand to pee prosthetics can't handle overflow pee. It causes wet pants. Sometimes we can't go to the public restroom for the reason. The urination hole should not be small or too big.

Pleasure Ridges

Pleasure ridges are a useful option for sexual satisfaction. During masturbation, it feels very enjoyable. An STP packer should have pleasure ridges. Some people thought why should buy the STP device that has pleasure ridges? It might be helpful if you get a packer that has three benefits as well.

Pleasure Rod

Pleasure Rod FTM Transgender

A pleasure rod is a great option to have sexual relations with a partner. The straight trans guys feel to need a stand to pee packer that can be like an erect STP packer. A pleasure rod plays an essential part in a stand to pee prosthetic. Like an erect STP packer, stand to pee packer can be satisfied your partner by having a pleasure rod. Insert your pleasure rod and have fun!

Some STP packer has everything including hole and ridges but the inside area is too short. Some trans guys are confused about how to pack it or use it for urination.

A stand to pee packer should be simple. It might be cheap or budget-friendly. A packing device is a necessary product for every transgender man and non-binary. Because some trans guys haven’t any financial support or family support. An STP packer can give trans guys mentally satisfaction.

As we said, we have some stand to pee prosthetics that have all the things we said. The price is under 100$ including the rod. You can gift your transgender friend as well. For first-time users, you can try Axolom Thinker. We have also a few models such as Axolom Handy, Axolom Homerun, Axolom Knight, Axolom Zeus, Axolom Squire, Axolom Prince, etc. All are stand to pee prosthetics.

Introduction: Axolom is a Chinese brand. We started our company in 2020 and make eco-friendly products for transgender & non-binary folks. Our goal is to support the transgender & LGBTQ community as well. Axolom is a non-trans-owned company. Our company is handling from the United States. For contact - info@axolom.com

STP Packer Variants:

Cut STP Packer - it is known as circumcised FTM STP packer. Mostly Muslim & Christian guys have cut penis.

Uncut STP packer - It is known as an uncircumcised ftm STP packer. It is also called a natural penis packing device.

Best STP Packers of Axolom

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Axolom Thinker is a stand to pee prosthetic. It's a 4-in-1 STP packer. It includes urination, play, packing, and masturbation. Two variants including circumcised and uncircumcised versions are available. The price is 59$ excluding the pleasure rod. The thinker STP packer has pleasure ridges, perfect hole ( taking overflow pee easily), and comfort ( pack regularly at home & outside ). The rod price is 24$. See a Thinker STP Packer Review.

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Axolom Handy STP Packer



Axolom Handy is a stand to pee prosthetic. It's a 3-in-1 STP packer. It includes urination, play, and packing. Only the circumcised version is available. The price is 79$ excluding the pleasure rod. Some trans guys don’t like pleasure ridges and big STP packers. For them, It's a perfect performance FTM packing device. The size is 6.5cm. The pleasure rod is 24$.

 Axolom Handy and pleasure rod

After inserting the pleasure rod, it will be:

Handy Stp Pleasure Rod

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Axolom Squire STP Packer


Axolom Squire is a small FTM STP packer. It's a 4-in-1 STP packer. It includes urination, play, packing, and masturbation. Only circumcised is available. The price is 59$ excluding the pleasure rod. The squire STP packer has pleasure ridges, a big hole ( taking overflow pee easily), comfort ( pack regularly at home & outside ) and is very lightweight. The rod price is 20$.

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Axolom Knight STP Packer


Axolom Knight is an almost 7" STP packer. It's a 4-in-1 STP packer. It includes urination, play, packing, and masturbation. Only the circumcised variant is available. The price is 79$ excluding the pleasure rod. The knight STP packer has pleasure ridges, a perfect hole ( taking overflow pee easily), and comfort ( pack regularly at home & outside ). Some transguys wish to have a big STP packer. The rod price is 24$.

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Other Stand to Pee Packers like Axolom Homerun, Axolom Prince, and Axolom Astro are also the best STP packer. Handy, Squire, Thinker, Astro, Knight is the best selling product till now.


We donate free STP packers by a giveaway from our Instagram account. We'll donate free STP packers giveaway to our instagram page or Facebook group. Everyone may join Axolom Products. We also share various packing tips.

FTM STP Packers

The other ftm packers excluding stand-to-pee prosthetics are also beneficial. Trans guys use to have soft FTM packers that are easy to carry and pack. The FTM packers don’t have any holes. It is generally packed with packing underwear or a ftm harness.

FTM Packers should be soft, lightweight, not oily, body-safe silicone. Cheap FTM packers aren’t body-safe. Before start using a packer, you might have to check reviews on youtube and the transgender forum. Reedit is also a great place to communicate transgender forum.

Axolom has a few soft STP packers such as Axolom Monsieur, Fusion(mini, uncut, pro), Naturel, Classic, FTM Meta extension, etc. The FTM packers are soft, easy to pack and use all day.

Adhesive STP Packers - Adhesive is something that attached a product with another thing. Adhesive STP packer keeps attached to the bottom part of a human body. Generally adhesive sheet plays the main role. An adhesive sheet makes packing super easy. First, we need to paste the adhesive to the STP packer and position the packer in the right way. Adhesive STP packers can be applied stand to pee prosthetics or FTM packers if it has some extra skins. Axolom Monsieur is an adhesive FTM packer.

Best Soft FTM Packers in Axolom

Axolom Monsieur FTM Packer


Axolom Monseiur


Axolom Monsieur is a very soft adhesive STP packer. It is generally used with adhesives sheets. It can be packed with FTM underwear. Uncircumcised and Circumcised, Two variants are available. Axolom monsieur is the top-selling ftm packer in our store. Mostly Youtubers share their positive feedback. We shared 3 tips for packing Monsieur

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Axolom Fusion Mini, Pro, Uncut FTM Penis Packer

Axolom Fusion has three different types. Three designs look similar to each other. But the differences between the three packers are sizing, uncut and one has an inside hole. According to customers' requirements, we made three different types of FTM packing devices.

Axolom Classic STP Packer


Axolom classic is a very little and soft FTM packer. It is a circumcised STP packer. It can be packed with Axolom Underwears easily. It's a lightweight packing device.

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Axolom Au Naturel FTM Packer


Axolom Au Naturel is a very soft packer. It has two versions (circumcised & uncircumcised). Because of Its low pricing, It's the 2nd highest selling product in our store.

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Meta Extension

Meta Extension


Meta extension can be used before or after metoidioplasty surgery. The only requirement for buying the product is you should be 1 year plus on testosterone. Testosterone helps the transgender guys to have bottom growth or increase the growth of the clitoris.

After metoidioplasty surgery, the meta extension may help to feel like having a good sizing of the penis. We know metoidioplasty can't grow or improve the size of the clitoris. By using a meta extension we may be able to urinate, have sexual activity, etc. Meta extension doesn’t require any rods for sexual intercourse. You can check our Axolom Meta Extension as well.

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Erect FTM Packer

Erect STP packer has also a high value. Erect STP packer is a hard packer like a hard dildo. It's basically used for sexual activity. We have an Axolom Erect packer in our store. Check this out.

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Important Tips For Packing & Using STP

Stand To Pee Prosthetics

Using Stand To Pee Prosthetics - Generally, it can packing with a harness. You need to position the packer at the right destination. Position the packer like the below image. We shared the upper portion and how you can position it in the upper portion. Remind: Cover from clitoris area & stop before the Bladder.

How to position a STP packer

Do you forget the lower portion? You need to hold the lower part of the STP packer when you try to urinate. Hold the lower part tightly so that it can't leak pee or overflow.

Before using a stand to pee packer, you must use it at home. Try three times a day. Using it freely without any harness or underwear for better understanding.

We suggest trying different underwear for comfort. Sometimes FTM harness gives discomfort for long-term purposes. Better you use packing underwear when you are on travel or at home. It is much easier to have the feeling of relaxation. You might have different choices. A 52025 Underwear is well for STP packing.  We shared 6 packing boxers for packing an STP packers.

FTM Soft Packers

Soft packers are very easy to pack. You can use our underwear for packing. Alternatively, you can use jockmail underwear, jockstrap or Rodeoh underwear as well.

Cleaning & Dry Hacks For STP Packer

An STP packer can be used for at least 3 months to 3 years. It needed care after unpacking it. We know our body has some underarms. For it, we need clean it every time after usage. Don't worry. You can clean an STP packer at your home by your hands. We shared how to clean an STP packer.

Every STP packer is made with different materials. You must have to follow your STP prosthetics company's suggestions for cleaning. We suggest washing Axolom STP packers with clean water and regular soap. Sometimes you need to boil it. Sometimes you need to free it openly for better dryness.

STP Packer vs Gender Dysphoria

STP packer helps to reduce gender dysphoria. We don’t clarify It works for you too. Sometimes dysphoria is getting worse. Dysphoria doesn’t depend on any products. It varies with a person's mind, mood and nature.

STP packer helps a lot of people for better relief. It grows self-stream, inside visibility among the others. It's not important to have a penis to be a man. Masculinity is an inside feeling. Bottom dysphoria is a very desperate situation. More than 75% of people deal with gender dysphoria and half the percentage of people are dealing with bottom dysphoria.

The worse thing is dysphoria kills a person's mental happiness day by day. STP packer was invented a few years ago. Now trans guys might have a feeling of having a penis for wearing an STP packer. It's real. This is the actual reason for promoting STP packers openly. More than 60% of new trans guys don’t know what is stp packer and how to use it. The trans YouTubers start helping others to share a few acknowledge about it.

Realistic STP Packers

A realistic STP packer is feel like a real penis. Axolom has recently launched realistic packers. The packers are the version of a few older soft packers. We just launched two realistic Packers now. We would love to make new samples for you guys. Keep visiting our website once a day. Check out our realistic packers. We share the realistic packers under 50$

FTM Packers vs Fake Penis

FTM Packers is also searched by fake penis prosthetics on google. The new transgender & non-binary folks don’t have many ideas for it. For this reason, they get some hard dildos that are unease for packing. Because of harness, It's can't suitable for carrying long term. Plus, you can't go out by packing it. If you do, people will think you have an erection. It felt awkward.

Mostly non-binary, transgender using STP packers. They start using a packing device before or after the transition. It's growing self-stream and feels better.

STP Packer vs Sexual Intercourse

We suggest using condoms before sexual intercourse. We respect everyone's desire and privacy. It's very important to use condoms. For enjoyment, you can use multiple flavours of condoms such as coffee, Orange, strawberry, etc. It's very unsafe for sexual intercourse without a condom.

Sexual pleasure depends on both person's interest in sex. Both couples should be ready for it.

Straight Trans & Gay Trans Men

Love is love. It's natural. You don’t need to clarify about you are gay or straight. Identity is important as sexual orientation. We support both of them. We will release some products for gay trans man also in future. Sexual satisfaction is very important to us. Previously we change the pleasure rod three times. We are always listening to our users. Their feedback is helping us to improve our products.

Pride Month Vs Transgender

It's very common or similar to two words pride month & Transgender. June is officially the celebration month of the Transgender community. Every year a lot of pride accessories are launched such as flags, t-shirts, stickers etc. Axolom would love to join the pride month celebration. We would love to make more pride accessories for the transgender community. We launched some pride accessories. You may check out - Axolom Pride Month Accessories.

Chest Dysphoria Vs Bottom Dysphoria

Both dysphorias behave desperately and we need to understand our dysphoria. We know to reduce our dysphoria in some ways. Chest dysphoria can be reduced through chest binders or chest bind tapes, psychical workouts, regular checks from psychiatrists, etc.

Bottom dysphoria can be reduced through STP packers, mental support from friends and partners, and regular checkups from a psychiatrist. Or you can plan for bottom surgery if you are ready.

Mental health & psychical health is very important for everyone. You need to be mentally strong for every situation.


How to Position an STP Packer?

Stand to pee packer position

Position the STP packer along the Urine/ urination pipe. Before positioning it check how water flows through the funnel. Put some water and see how it works. Alternatively, you can position the STP packer from the clitoris area.

How to Pack an STP packer?

Using a harness and packing underwear might be good. For comfort packing, you may enjoy packing with underwear and for travel or outside you may love to pack with a harness. Use a harness and use regular underwear or pants. We shared an important tips about to wear a stp packer.

When do you need to unpack STP packers?

Before sleep. We don’t feel comfortable when we carry something inside our bodies during sleeping time. Unpack your packer before you go for rest. On the other hand, you should use a maximum of 10 hours a day. Give some rest to your private parts. Then you can use it again.

Which FTM packer is best in 2022?

Axolom Monsieur is best as an adhesive STP packer and Axolom Naturel, classic, fusion is the best FTM packer.

Which is the best stand to pee prosthetics in 2022?

Axolom Thinker, Handy, Astro, Knight, and Homerun are the best stand-to-pee prosthetics in 2022. Mostly trans guys are satisfied with the packers. Their feedbacks are positive for the packers. For small packers you can try Axolom squire, prince etc. However, every STP prosthetic is different. The hole, size, and pleasure are not similar to each packer.

How to wash an STP packer?

You can wash your packer in the following ways:

  1. Use Clean Water
  2. Use Regular Soap
  3. Boil 3-5 minutes into water.
  4. Use cleaning powder.

Axolom Packing Underwear 

Axolom have recently launched our underwear that is well for FTM STP Packing. You guys can pack Axolom packers with these packing underwear.


Axolom STP Boxer




Axolom STP Boxer is good for packing stand-to-pee prosthetics and standing through the pee. The price is 17.90$. We have made two colors now. The black and blue are available now. More colors will come soon. It has two layers.


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Axolom Jockstrap




Axolom Jockstrap is also good for packing stand to pee prosthetics. One color is available right now. It has two layers including the "O layer" inside and two buttons outside. The price is 14.90$. More colors will come soon.

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More underwear are coming soon. Please follow the page " Axolom Underwears & Appeals ". We'll improve the products if you provide us with positive and negative reviews. It will help us a lot. You can tag us on Instagram or directly message us.

About the Writer

Hi, I'm Piyash. I'm a trans man. I started my transition in 2019 and started my hormone therapy in June 2020. I started my blog Trans LGBTQ for sharing information with my transgender brothers and non-binary folks. Now I'm sharing packing hacks from Axolom too. It's a great opportunity to provide pieces of information to my brothers. I am trying to share my packing hacks, products, etc. I used almost small to expensive prosthetics. I'm using Axolom thinker regularly and I believe they are helping us to get good ftm products. They earned my trust and I believe they will earn your trust too. Keep in touch.

Like Axolom, there are some prostheses companies. You can start using Axolom STP packers from the beginning of the FTM transition.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope it will help some transmen & non-binary folks as well. Sharing this article may help your friends too. You can send this page to your transgender community forum. We would love to send you regular updates. Please submit your email to get new posts.


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