Nobody Shares The FTM Bottom Growth of a Transgender man! But we will

FTM Bottom Growth is a very confidential property that everyone stays away from sharing in public places. And it's very true. You can't ask your transgender men buddies regarding this. But some people still trying to help the community so that other trans guys can improve their journey.

The amazing knowledge you will gain from our article.

  • FTM Bottom Growth
  • DHT Cream
  • Clitrois Pumping

Today we represent the topic of ftm bottom growth timeline. In the topic, there are including some products that we didn't sell. We share the products for your help. So, ready to go.

What is ftm bottom growth?

The ftm bottom growth meaning is the improvement of the ftm clitoris/penis. The bottom growth is related to hormone treatment and ftm clitoris pumping.

Is ftm bottom growth valid?

The answer is "Yes", It's true. But this is not working for all the trans guys. But you may try it for some months or a year if it helps.

How to start my ftm bottom growth?

First, You need to buy a DHT Cream and a clitoris pump. Basically, DHT cream helps to grow the male penis and it's also working for ftm transman. If you need to know about DHT cream and how it works, you may need to read the full article. On the other hand, the ftm clit pump is also beneficial for the ftm bottom. Let's know how to use DHT cream and how it works in detail. Some doctors prescribe it for ftm transgender before t and after t.

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What is DHT Cream?

DHT, the full meaning is Dihydrotestosterone that is an androgenic hormone. DHT is naturally synthesized from Testosterone and it works 30 times faster than testosterone. It works for male enhancement, plays an important role in the development of secondary male sex characteristics, such as body hair and facial hair growth, libido and genital growth, deepening of the voice, etc.

How to use a DHT Cream?

For using DHT cream, apply 1ml twice daily to genitals(clitoris), gently rubbing until the cream is fully absorbed. That's how you can use it. Before taking testosterone, you can also use this. You can use an ftm clitoris pump to grow extra sizes.

How to buy DHT cream?

Generally, we can buy creams in the pharmacy but DHT cream isn't available in any pharmacies. You can find out the various stores online such as iasuperpharma, etc. Before applying, you must have to check its side effects. There are various side effects such as hair loss, body hair, etc. But still, there are various positive points that we should have noticed that.

Warning: Females won't use this.

Some trans man shares these cream/gel with the transman community so that others can be helpful. FTM bottom growth pain is also real and it can happen anytime. We respect everyone's journey and we understand the pain.

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How much can be ftm bottom growth length?

The size can be 2-4cm, FTM bottom growth length depends on the person.

What does bottom surgery look like ftm?

FTM bottom surgery has two types of surgery such as phalloplasty and metoidioplasty. You can check results from transbusket. This is a transformation blog website made by some trans men for others help. Even you can share your ftm transition timeline on their website.

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What is Clitoris?

The clitoris is the most sensitive area of a female and it is the pleasure point of the vulva that is under the point where the labia meet and form a little hood.

How to grow a clitoris of an ftm trans guy?

Generally, the ftm trans guy is biologically born with female genitals and it can be grown in two ways. 1: Use DHT for 6 months. 2. Use FTM Pump twice a day.

Can I use DHT after metoidioplasty surgery?

Yes, some doctors say to use it for 6 months after metoidioplasty. Some doctor still doesn't do it for some reason. But there are lots of trans guys who get benefits from it.

FTM bottom growth tips

  1. Use DHT cream for 6 months
  2. Use clioris pumping

Examples of FTM Clitoris Pump:

Before starting your testosterone, you can use DHT twice a day and after taking testosterone, you can use it also. This is basically useful for the trans guys who take undergo metoidioplasty bottom surgery. It looks well. We find out some pictures of who took DHT and his result is amazing and impressive.

What is metoidioplasty?

Metoidioplasty(Meta) is called gender affirmation surgery or bottom surgery. The procedure uses the tissue of the genital area such as the clitoris and makes a neophallus or a new penis.

What is the metoidioplasty size?

The size of meta can be 2-4 cm and some results can be 2-10cm, depending on the body.

What is the cost of metoidioplasty surgery?

The cost of metoidioplasty surgery is 2000$-10,000$, depending on the surgeon and hospital costs. Some insurance covers the surgery. Even some trans guys did their surgery for zero costs and the insurance covers it.

Can I able for the stand to pee after metoidioplasty?

Some trans men are able for it but 85% of people can't because of low size. The 855 people still using stp packers after meta. For them, you can check our store - Axolom STP Store

Can I be able for intercourse after metoidioplasty?

Yes, Possible. We got some informations for trans busket. You may check meta posts and results.

Can I do orgasm after metoidioplasty?

Yes, of course. You can. The feeling is still valid of your penis and you can do orgasm as well.


  • Tony

    I’ve been on T for 6+yrs. I’ve experienced bottom growth w/o any assistance. My problem is it extends far enough past the lips my clit rubs on my underwear. Are there any suggestions as to maybe wearing a packer or SOMETHING to allow me to sit comfortably? I’ll try anything. I’ve been single for years so any kind of rough touch causes discomfort and irritation.

  • steven

    Also the website is „transbucket“ not transbusket ;)

  • Alastair Grimes

    When you mentioned the ways to get bottom growth you left out the third way. Taking HRT (testosterone injections, patches, pellets or creams) will start bottom growth. It’s usually one of the first changes. HRT is not the same as DHT. HRT will cause bottom growth of around half an inch to 4 inches depending on the person and will stop growing after 3 to 5 years. When taking HRT you do need blood tests to check your testosterone levels so it’s more complicated than DHT and pumping. It’s also recommended to go to a gender specialist to get your HRT prescription.

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