How To Buy a FTM Packer

When we start our FTM transition, we are also interested to buy some essential trans men products such as chest binders, packing gears, injection kits,s and others. Packing gear is related to bottom wear such as penis prosthetics, packing underwear, pack-n-play packers, masturbation sleeves, etc.

What is a FTM Packer?

FTM Packer is a packing gear that is used to pack private parts. It’s also called penis prosthetics. It may look like stand to pee prosthetics but two packers are different on the inside. Stand to pee prosthetic has a hole for urinating. On the other hand, the FTM packer has no hole. It just helps the transgender people keep the packer inside.

During hormone replacement therapy, we start feeling ourself more masculine and start leading a masculine or men's life. The lifestyle of a man is very different from a woman. A man likes to stay outside more and fly like a bird. Men get the freedom that a woman doesn't think. It's because of the thoughts of our mind and the social acceptance of a man.

Before the silicone mold invention, trans guys use a p-style pocket device that was used for urination. This time trans guys don’t feel confident as they feel now. Trans beginners aren’t much comfortable with stand to pee packers. They feel they need a basic packer.

FTM packers are soft, realistic, and best for regular packing. Mostly ftm guys using ftm packers. It’s because It's easy to carry with themself easily.

While we start finding soft ftm packers, we found many packers on the internet. We're confused about which packer is good for you. Some trans guys are interested to have an adhesive FTM packer. For them, we suggest Axolom Monsieur Adhesive Packer. Both cut and uncut versions are available in our store.

Now we are going to describe the Axolom Soft FTM Packers. The packers are good for regular packing and best for the long term. You can use it easily for 8-12 months or more than that. We have several STP packers in our store. More packers will be launched soon. We made realistic and safe packing gears for trans guys. The packers are made of 100% silicone mold.

FTM Packers


Axolom Monsieur FTM Gear

Axolom Monseigneur is popular packing gear for ftm guys. It can be used with an adhesive sheet or with packing underwear. We have recently launched packing underwear for ftm packers. Both uncircumcised FTM packers and circumcised ftm packers are available.

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Axolom Au Natural FTM Packer

Axolom Au Natural is also a popular model as FTM packers. It looks very realistic and soft. You can use it as a regular packer and pack it with our Axolom Jockstrap Packing underwear or Boxer. Both Uncircumcised & circumcised FTM packer versions are available. 12 skin colors available right now. Check out the button.

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Axolom Classic FTM Packers

Axolom Classic Packer got the highest reviews from the trans guys. We make the packer so comfortable that any new or old guys can be used it properly and be comfortable while packing the classic ftm packer. 12 skin colors available right now.

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Axolom Uncut Fusion FTM Packers

Axolom Fusion has three different variants. The three look similar on the outside but it has a few other sizes, designs, etc. Three design isn’t similar. Here we share the three fusion packers in one link. 12 skin colors available right now.

We shared our existing ftm packing gears for trans guys. The packing gears are suitable for transgender men, non-binary and other guys who feel to need penis prosthetics. Some trans guys don’t know how to pack an ftm packer with their bodies. In this case, we would like to share our new packing underwears for ftm trans guys. Here we listed a few good ftm packing underwear.

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Check The Review of Axolom Fusion Pro


 Axolom Joe FTM Soft Packer

Axolom Joe is a 4.33 inches FTM Packer. It is very soft. It looks like a natural penis. The Packer has launched a few months ago. The packer is lightweight and easy to pack with FTM Packing Packer. 12 skin colors available right now.

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Axolom Hob FTM Packers

Axolom Hob is a upgrade model which has a total lenghth of 4.33 inches. The packer gear of female to male transgender is soft, lightweight and easy to pack and wash easily. Check the link for more images. 12 skin colors available right now.

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Axolom Kangaro Soft Packer FTM


Axolom Kangaro is a new model of Axolom store. The size is 3.54 inches and it is also a lightweight FTM packer. The packing gear is soft and easy to pack with Axolom Packing Jockstrap. Please visit the link for more images. 12 skin colors available right now.

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Video Resources For Axolom Packers


Here we shared multiple resources for Axolom Soft FTM Packers. You can follow the below:

Axolom Monsieur Video Review

Axolom Au Naturel Video Review

 Multiple Axolom Packers

Axolom Packing Jockstrap


Axolom has two ftm packing jockstrap right now. One packing jockstrap underwear launched a few months ago. Recently we launched our new packing jockstrap for trans guys. The transgender men may comfortable with the new ftm packing jockstrap. The underwear is made especially for ftm soft packers.

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Axolom Packing Boxer

Axolom Packing Boxer is well for regular packing. It is soft and comfortable. While packing an Ftm packer, you will need to insert the nut into the hole. The hole is inside the pocket of the packing boxer. The packing underwear is good for ftm trans guys.

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Axolom Packing Trunks

Axolom Packing Trunks are smaller than Axolom Packing Boxers. The underwear is good and comfortable for long-term use. Not only Transguys and Nonbinary, but any person can also use the trunks underwear. The material is soft. According to the quality, the budget is very less. We would love to make comfortable wear for less price.

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The main goal of Axolom is building a strong community where we can provide affordable packers, and underwear at reasonable pricing. The quality of the products is good and safe for the body.

Axolom will release some new FTM packers and stand to pee prosthetics soon. These packing gears are budget friendly. Some trans guys has shared their feedbacks on youtube. You can get the youtube reviews by popular youtubers such as UppercaseChase1, Mod club,Kade Cooks, FTM ASMR Supplys, Trans man, Zac etc. The FTM Prosthetics are soft and comfortable with axolom packing underwear. You can use Monseigneur as adhesive packer.

Thanks for reading the article. We would love to share informative articles. Would you love to buy stand to pee prosthetics? Then check out the 5 best stand to pee prosthetics. We hope we’ll post new updates.

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