6 Cheap FTM Packers under 50$

Packing an STP Packer is an important part of Trans men and non-binary people. It is a regular operating product.

STP Packers can be multiple types such as stand to pee packers, FTM packers, etc. Today we would like to describe FTM packers. This is what we regularly wear to feel comfortable. It doesn’t bother us in front of people. FTM Packers make a trans man's life easier. STP Packer can be different types like stand to pee packers, Erect STP packers, and FTM STP packers.

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An STP packer is representing us like cis males in front of people without bottom surgery. We can do everything that a cis man can! Like, such as penetrating sex, intercourse, masturbation, etc.

Generally, an STP packer's pricing starts from 50$-200$. We are trying to give good quality packers at cheap pricing. Some company also provides packers at a cheap price but the quality isn’t good at all.

You can buy an FTM packer for 29$ and we aren’t compromising quality. The FTM prosthetics are very safe for your body. You can use them for at least 1-2 years. It doesn’t harm your private parts. We know the bottom part is very important for everyone.

Using a poor packer can hurt your private part.

Who is Axolom?

Axolom is an STP prosthetics and accessories company for transman & Non-Binary folks. We launched in 2020 and made more than 10 STP packers including a stand to pee prosthetics and FTM packers.

What is our goal?

Axolom has a goal. To know this, you may read the page 👉🏽 Axolom's Story.

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What is FTM Packers?

FTM Packers is called the product that looks like a real penis and It's used to wear/pack with underwear. It's soft and realistic. It's not a urinating device.

Which is the cheap stp packer in Axolom?

There is three stp packer that's pricing starts from 29$ and It's a very soft packer. Here are the lists of packers.

Axolom Au Naturel Uncircumcised

Axolom Au Naturel is an uncircumcised STP packer. It detailed the scrotum with its balls. It's easy to pack with underwear. It is a soft packer. The total length of Au Naturel is 3.94" and its weight is 167 G.

It's a small stp packer. The price is 29$. This packer is ideal for the person who is looking for a small packer with cheap pricing. This packer is known as a cheap STP packer.

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Axolom Au Naturel Circumcised


Au Naturel is a circumcised FTM packer. It detailed the scrotum with Its balls. It's easy to pack. The total length is 5.3" and the weight is 177 G.

The packer is ideal for the person who is looking for a medium-length STP packer with cheap pricing. The price is 29$.

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Axolom Rook FTM Erecting Packer

Rook is an erect FTM packer. It's a hard STP packer. Basically, it is used for play and sexual pleasure. It detailed the scrotum with Its balls.

The total length of the Rock STP packer is 4" and the weight is 178 G. The price is 29$. It's easy to pack with an FTM harness. It's a cheap FTM device.

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Axolom Classic FTM Packer

A classic packer is a soft packer and It's best for regular packing. It's an uncircumcised ftm packing prosthetics. The length of the classic is 4.13 and weighs 185 G.

It's a cheap packing device for FTM trans guys. The price is 32$. It's also known as a cheap stp packer.

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Axolom Monsieur Wiggle FTM Packer


Monsieur Wiggle is a soft and realistic packer. You can use it as an adhesive STP packer. You need to buy an adhesive sheet for attaching it to your skin. It will be adjusted with your bottom. Before applying the adhesive sheet you must use a clean shave to your bottom part. Otherwise, it can hurt your bottom part because of hair.

The total length of Monsieur Wiggle STP is 5.51" and the weight is 290 G. The price is 49$. It has 7 different colours and has two variants such as uncircumcised and circumcised. If you looking for adhesive stp ftm, then it can be the right choice for you. It's best for long-term use and you can pack it easily with Axolom Underwears.

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Axolom Fusion FTM STP Prosthetics

Fusion is a popular model in Axolom. It has 3 models such as fusion cut, fusion uncut, and fusion mini. There are 7 colors available right now. The three variants are different. To check each model please click the following link - Fusion Cut, Fusion Uncut, Fusion mini STP Packer.

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How to pack a FTM stp with a underwear?

To pack a FTM STP, you can use Axolom underwears. On the other hand, You can make a homemade packing underwear at home by using your regular underwears. You can check youtube videos for it.

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Which should be great for packing between ftm harness or underwear?

Sometimes it feels heavyness by wearing harness but It's well if you use a packing underwear rather than a ftm harness. It's up to you.

Can I wear FTM packer in sleeping?

Yeah, you can but we didn’t recommended. We suggest to unpack it before go to sleep.

Which FTM Packers should be good for you?

Our first choice, Monsieur because mostly trans men love the packer. You can buy anything according to your choice. We would love to get a feedback from you. You can share your feedback by video also by uploading video on youtube. You can tag us as well.

How to Clean FTM Packers?

To clean a ftm packers, you can use regular soap or boil it into water. You don't need to use powders for cleaning.

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