How To Pack STP Packers By Axolom Packing Underwear

Are you looking for packing underwear to set stp packers? Then this is the right article for you. In this article, you'll know our latest axolom packing underwear.

A STP packer is not only used for urinating. It also helps reduce bottom dysphoria. Moreover, it greatly enhances one's self-confidence. Dysphoria is also seen after hormone treatment. There are many mood swings for hormone treatment and depression can occur. If you are depressed for Bottom Dysphoria, you can check out our Removal of Bottom Dysphoria page

What is Axolom?

Axolom is a hand-made prosthetics company that made various stp penis prosthetics for transgender and non-binary. We provide STP packers to fulfill the masculine appearance of transguys and non-binary.

What is STP Packer?

STP Packer is a device that enables the user by standing out the pee in front of the restroom or any place. It shows the masculine appearance to others.

What is packing underwear?

Packing underwear is an inner half-pant that helps the STP packer fit snugly. Through which it is easier to urinate and pack.

What is the price of packing underwear?

10$-60$ - Depends on the company. Axolom provides packing underwear for 14.90$. You can visit the Axolom Packing Underwear

Axolom Trunk

AXOLOM trunk FTM packing underwear is the first in a series of designs and styles that we are planning to launch. These quality trunks will securely hold any of our current line of packers. The interior has a top-loading pouch sewn along the seams so that it is invisible on the exterior of the trunk. This design has an extended pouch to allow room for most sized packer, giving the look of a natural bulge.

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Axolom Jockstrap

Made from a cotton blend, it comes with a wide inner pouch large enough to fit most of our packers. Axolom jockstrap is a perfect way to pack for any activity, keeping your packer secure with a natural hang. Under your jeans, gym shorts or even swim trunks. It’s an all-around answer to your packing needs. 

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This jockstrap only works for packers, NOT for STPs.

Would you like to have packing underwear with these STP packers? If yes, then you can read the following description.


We have recently launched our underwear that is well for FTM STP Packing. You guys can pack Axolom packers with these packing underwear.


Axolom STP Boxer




Axolom STP Boxer is good for packing stand-to-pee prosthetics and standing through the pee. The price is 17.90$. We have made two colors now. The black and blue are available now. More colors will come soon. It has two layers.


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Axolom Jockstrap




Axolom Jockstrap is also good for packing stand to pee prosthetics. One color is available right now. It has two layers including the "O layer" inside and two buttons outside. The price is 14.90$. More colors will come soon.


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More underwear are coming soon. Please follow the page " Axolom Underwears & Appeals ". We'll improve the products if you provide us with positive and negative reviews. It will help us a lot. You can tag us on Instagram or directly message us.



Packing underwear is a very important issue for transgender people. We all want to use this packing underwear to present ourselves nicely and to make ourselves feel comfortable. There are many packing underwear online but none of them are for transmen. That is why we have created it on our own initiative.

We have already published an article about Budget-Friendly STP Packer where we have given our idea about 5 Best stp packer of axolom. These products have already been used by many transgender and non-binary users and they shared feedback. Separate rods have also been used for our STP Packers. At the beginning of 2019, we made a rod and gave it to some trans friends for testing. But according to the feedback it was not responsive. According to their feedback, we made another rod in 2020 and that too failed. Then, towards the end of 2021, we made another Pleasure Rod and got a lot of positive feedback from it till now.

We also have the best adhesive stp packer available in our shop. You can read these by attaching them to your body. These are very soft, realistic, and comfortable to wear. You can see our adhesive stp packer page. You can use an adhesive stp packer using jockstrap.

Also, we have a few erect stp packers. We got good feedback on our erect penis. You can use it easily using an FTM harness. You can check our erect STP packer.

We have emails every day which packing underwear should be used with any Stp packer. Since we didn't have any packing underwear for so long, we told them to take it from another shop. But we are always trying to meet/fulfill everyone's needs. We launched our packing underwear in 2022. You can use jockstrap underwear for adhesive stp packer and jockstrap and trunk for stand to pee prosthetics. However, it would be better to take a harness to use the jockstrap.

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