Female To Male Transgender Packers For FTM Transition

Transgender Packers are known by different names such as FTM packers, STP packers, Erect packers, penis prosthetics, and others. Packing is always a special object for trans guys. The Transgender are always waiting for new packing gear. Every year there are many transgender people who come out and join pride month rely on.

When a transgender-identified as transgender, the moment makes us realize that we are different and something from others. The identity realizes we can start our life according to our identity, not as biological sex. Transgender starts their transition by taking an appointment with a Psychiatrist and when they certified us that they have gender dysphoria, they can start taking hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is two types such as hormone injections, hormone gel, etc.

We know testosterone levels can be boosted naturally such as regular workouts. The hormone therapy makes some initial changes such as voice deepening, facial hairs, private parts hairs, etc. During hormone therapy, we can start home workouts because there is a huge possibility to gain weight. It takes some time for visiting the changes. Some changes are fast and some changes are very slow. The changes are depending on our bodies. Each human body reacts differently and you may understand your body.

The main problem for transgender men is period. It takes some time to get off the menstruation. It may take 3-6 months or longer. As we said the changes are depending on each human body. So, we need to be patient, and honestly, the body reacts to hormones differently. You should wait for some months to get off the period.

At the beginning of hormone therapy, we are finding some packers which make us believe we can do whatever we want to such as urinate, have sexual intercourse, and others. We face some issues when we go to the previous toilets that we used to go to. This time the others are restricting us and asking why we use the toilets. That's the reason we don't feel comfortable using the gender-mark toilets. Now there is multiple packing company who makes our life easier.

The transgender packers make us helpful and comfortable from the beginning of the day to night. When we use a packer, we feel comfortable and easy. But we can use the transgender packer with a boxer. It is known as transgender packer boxers. The boxers hold the packer in position. There are only a few companies that provide us with packing boxers for packers for transgenders.

There are two types of transgender packers that we use normally for regular packing such as

  • Stand to pee packers
  • FTM soft packers
  • The stand-to-pee packers are good for urinating, packing, and erection. The Packers are popular with the transgender community. For these, there are multiple companies that provide the packing gear.

    What are Transgender Packers?

    Transgender packers are usually penis prosthetics made of silicone prosthetics or plastic material. It is used for urinating, sexual intercourse, and foreplay. Transgender packers have a few alternative names such as packing gears for trans, FTM packers, STP packers, soft packers, erect packers, and pack-n-play packers.

    Best Transgender Packers For Trans & Non-Binary

    • Axolom Thinker
    • Axolom Knight
    • Axolom Astro
    • Axolom Hoodie
    • Axolom Zeus
    • Axolom Handy
    • Axolom Fusion Pro
    • Axolom King
    • Axolom Hob
    • Axolom Hose
    • Axolom Au Naturel
    • Axolom Classic
    • Axolom Squire

    What is stand to pee packers?

    The stand-to-pee packers help to pass out the urine in front of the public washroom through the funnel. It makes our everyday use and it can use the whole day. The stand-to-pee packers are also known as FTM STP packers and penis prosthetics.

    Best Stand to pee Packers

    • Axolom Homerun
    • Axolom Knight
    • Axolom Thinker
    • Axolom Hoodie
    • Axolom Astro
    • Axolom Zeus
    • Axolom Handy

    What are Soft FTM packers?

    The FTM packers are soft and easy for packing. Most beginning transgender guys don't have a lot of ideas about packing or how to wear a packer or how to position a STP packer. For them, we highly recommend the soft FTM Packers. The FTM Packers look similar to the stand-to-pee Packers. The difference between the packers is the soft packer has no hole inside it but the stand to pee packers has. The transgenders brought their packer from a local store. As a result, they used packing gear without having proper information about its material. As a result, it can happen skin cancer or more issues. We suggest to know a STP packer before buying it. You can search online for better products.

    Best Soft FTM Packers

    • Axolom King
    • Axolom Hob
    • Axolom Hose
    • Axolom Au Naturel
    • Axolom Classic
    • Axolom Fusion mini

    The FTM packers with adhesive tabs are also available in a few stores. We have an adhesive packer. Both uncircumcised and circumcised packer model is available in our store. The model's name is Axolom Monseiur and the packer has a lot of positive reviews. But for using it, you may need to buy an adhesive sheet for using it. The adhesive sheet is available in the Gendencat store. There are a few stores that sell adhesive sheets such as Reelmagik and others.


    What toilet does a transgender use?

    Generally a female-to-male transgender use ladies' toilet before transition and a male-to-female transgender use male toilets before transition. After taking testosterone or estrogen, the cis guys didn't allow to use the same toilets. So, transgender guys use the toilets with which they identify themself or toilets for transgender. Some public spaces make toilets for transgenders especially. That helps us to use the toilets without any hassle. Some trans guys are worried to use toilets in public places. It is a common issue for almost every transgender.

    How does a transgender person transition?

    At first transgender individual visits a mental health professional which is called a psychiatrist. He/she asks about the issues and why they feel they are transgender. After testing it, the mental health professional gives a gender dysphoria letter. The letter can be given through a single session or may need a few sessions. The session is very important to know each other. Some non-transgender-friendly doctors can refuse to give gender dysphoria letters. You can ask the transgender community for knowing who are the trans-friendly doctors in your location.

    Can I buy FTM packers on Amazon?

    You can but the FTM packers on Amazon aren't safe for your body. We heard from a guy that it can cause cancer. The reason behind it is their material. As we know the material should be safe and should make with 100% silicone mold. As everyone knows Axolom make their Transgender packer with 100% body-safe silicone. More than 5000 trans guys use our packers for their daily life. It proves that our packers are safe and secure. Axolom provides budget-friendly packing gear such as FTM STP Packers, underwear, and more trans-friendly products.

    How to clean an FTM packer?

    FTM packer cleaning is now very easy. Wash your FTM packer with clean water and regular soap. Don't use detergent powder. You can boil your STP packer once a week. It may clean your packer smoothly. To clean a packer, you can use normal water always and regular soap. Before use, keep it dry.

    Which companies provide body-safe transgender packers?

    Here is a list of the companies that make body-safe packers for transgender and non-binary persons. The companies are

    1. Reelmagik
    2. Axolom
    3. Emisil
    4. Transthetics
    5. Transguysupply
    6. Rodeoh

    Reelmagik, Emisil, and Transthetics provide expensive packing gears that can't afford by most trans guys. The trans guys who need a transgender packer for cheap pricing or emergency for their bottom dysphoria brought Axolom packers or other packers. The packers are cheap and used for 9-15 months or more. It depends on your use. Some Packers can last 2 years.

    The budget-friendly packers can be helpful for almost every transgender guy. The female-to-male transition requires a lot of money or medical insurance. Some insurance company may cover the surgery cost but not all insurance company covers the cost. Some non-profit companies may help by sharing a few donations. Transgender guys from China, Bangladesh, and India pay the surgery cost with their earnings.

    How to begin our FTM transition step by step?

    In the following ways:

    1. Get a Gender Dysphoria Letter from Psychirist
    2. Take Hormone replacement therapy
    3. Top Surgery - Removal of breasts
    4. Hysterectomy -Removal of uterus and ovaries
    5. Bottom surgery - the creation of a new phallus, scrotoplasty

    How to de-transition our transition?

    There are a few transgender who regrets the transition. He/she has some confusion about their transition. So, they want to de-transition from it. It can be possible if you have no surgery and you aren't taking hormone therapy for 1 year. In this care, you can back to your previous life. But there are a few things that you don't get back such as facial hairs, bottom growth, etc. The menstruation/period will be normal or regular. You may need to visit an endocrinologist for it. They will suggest something according to the medical treatment.

    Before you start your transition, you need to think 1000 times about what you want to do. Because the de-transition news makes others believe that we have a mental illness that we're not. The guys who suffered from transition like their body isn't suitable or face multiple issues, they can start de-transition or take off hormone therapy. As a result, the issues will be resolved. There are many transgender guys who live their life without taking medical procedures. Medical procedures aren't mandatory for being transgender. It's just a wish to look like what we feel inside.

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    How to get medical information and results for the FTM transition?

    There are a few sites that share surgeons' names, costs, and contact details such as Phallo.net, transhealth, etc. The transbusket shares surgery results among the transgender community. Each result shares the name of doctors, cost, journey, painful experience, recovery journey, etc. The journey of FTM surgery is different for everyone. Some surgery is complicated. Some may go successfully. It depends on the surgeon's experience and their work. Learn and research about the surgeons. Meet the patients who undergo the surgery and ask all the details about recovery time, results, and doctors' behavior and ask if the medical insurance covers the medical costs.

    You can find the details on the following sites:

    1. uhhospitals.org
    2. transhealthcare.org
    3. cranects.com
    4. topsurgery.net
    5. uvahealth.com
    6. healthline.com
    7. phallo.net

    What is an erect packer?

    An erect packer is a hard penis prosthetic that is used to foreplay with a partner. Though it's hard, you can't use it for packing. Packing isn't possible with hard packing gears. The erect packer is also known as Pack N Play packer. The erect packer looks like an FTM packer or stand-to-pee packer.

    Most of the trans guys using hard packers but they didn't know they can't be packed all the time because the hard packer can't stand down. It looks awkward in public. The erect packers are very popular in the transgender community. Most of the transguys are using it.

    Best Erect Packers - Pack N Play Packers

    • Axolom Eros
    • Axolom Perseus
    • Axolom Atlas
    • Axolom Dildo

    How to pack an FTM STP Packer?

    First, purchase an STP packer in Axolom or another store. Then you take your STP packer and position your packer in underwear. Now you can wear the underwear as regular underwear. The best-packing underwear such as

    • Axolom STP jockstrap
    • Axolom FTM Packing Jockstrap
    • Axolom STP Trunks
    • Axolom FTM Packing Boxers

    Thanks for reading the article. The article may help you to get various information regarding FTM transition and the article shares the journey of FTM trans guys. Please subscribe to our newsletter and for more updates, you can save the Axolom tutorials page. We publish 1-4 articles per month. The articles are useful for trans beginners, and non-binary, and non-confirming gender humans. Thanks for your valuable time.

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