FTM Gear - Best FTM Packing Gear That Made Your Transition Comfortable

While finding FTM gear, we found multiple types of STP packers, packing underwear. But we don't know how to pack the gear or attached a packer with a packing boxer. Today we represent all the information there.

While a trans man discover himself mismatching with their biological gender as female ,identified as male and discover his Gender dysphoria, he wants to know how to deal with that. We wrote an article for them.

What does it mean by FTM gear?

FTM gears mean the packer STPs, packing underwear like boxers, briefs, trunks, harnesses, etc.

How to buy FTM gear?

Axolom provides silicone-based realistic packing gear for ftm trans guys. Find out all the FTM gears including STPs, packers, and boxers in this page. You can check out any item or save the page in your bookmarks.

We listed the best FTM Packing gear and as you know we made the FTM packers and stand-to-pee packers at affordable pricing. We have made almost 20+ models and some new models are on the way. In the previous years, we have gotten a huge response for Thinker STP, Knight STP, Handy STP, Squire STP, and others.

Axolom Stand to pee Packers

Axolom Handy STP Packer

AXOLOM Handy 3 IN 1 Liquid Silicone STP Packer - Axolom

Axolom Handy is one of the popular models of all STPs. You can find multiple YouTube reviews on Axolom Handy Review Page. The price is 79$(excluding the pleasure rod). A pleasure rod is available. The price of a pleasure rod is 24$. You can read " Handy STP Review " by TRANSLGBTQ.

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Axolom Thinker STP Packer

AXOLOM The Thinker Uncircumcised FTM STP ( uncut ) - Axolom

Axolom Thinker is recommended as the best FTM Packing gear. Most of the trans beginners get this product super friendly with their body. It’s a 4-in-1 STP packer. The price is 59$(excluding the pleasure rod). The pleasure rod is available. The price of a pleasure rod is 24$. Transman has shared a tutorial with Thinker STP about How to Stand To Pee With THINKER STP Packer.

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Axolom Zeus STP Packer

Axolom Zeus is a new model of all STPs. The height is nearly 7 inches. The price is 79$(excluding the pleasure rod). A pleasure rod is available. The price of a pleasure rod is 24$.

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Axolom Knight STP Packer

Axolom Knight is a popular model and it is the best FTM packing gear. The height is similar as Zeus. The price is 79$ excluding the pleasure rod. The price of a pleasure rod is 24$. Axolom Knight is known as the best play packer.

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Besides these STP gears, we are going to release some new FTM packing gears soon. As you know we have shared a few posts regarding our STP Packing underwear. You may have the below ftm packing boxers briefs.

FTM Gear - Best FTM Packing Gear That Made Your Transition Comfortable


Axolom STP Packing Boxer Briefs

Axolom released their packing boxers, and trunks just a few days ago. It has three colors now. The colors are black, grey, and light blue. The underwears are soft, breathable, and comfortable for long-term use. Check out the Axolom STP Trunks and See this Packing Video Tutorial.

From your feedback, we are still improving our products day by day. We are trying to make stand to pee packers soft and more comfortable for regular wear. We hope we'll make it soon. On the other hand, we made different types of models. As we know our bodies are different. We will make 20+ types of colors. By the way, we can make realistic packing gears for the transgender community.

Transman is now more comfortable with their body. They can fly or travel freely anywhere. We wish every trans (beginner or old) has our packers. At the beginning of our transition, we are feeling awkward while using the female toilet and it makes us very weird. (I remember the first time when a woman asks me why I'm here.)

FTM Transition is a beautiful process. Each has the freedom to live their life happily. There is no matter of sacrificing our life. Sometimes, families, and friends don’t support our transition. Some stay with us and some leave us for no reason. We become more happy and fresh like we start life today like our journey just started.


FTM Packers are well for regular packing. You can use our new packing underwear (excluding the STP packing) for regular packing. The Axolom packers are soft. You can buy classic, fusion pro, au natural, monseigneur, etc.

Axolom Monseigneur FTM Packer

AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Super Soft Packer Gear - Axolom

Axolom Monseigneur is an adhesive STP packer and it can be packed with packing underwear also. The benefit of using adhesive packing gear is that you will not need to wear any external gear for attaching it. At the same time, you can also pack easily with any of the packing underwear. Both uncut ftm packer and cut penis packer are available. Let's check out.

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Axolom Classic FTM Packer

AXOLOM The Classic Silicone FTM Packer C1- Axolom

Axolom classic is known as the Best FTM gear. Because It's easy to pack and carry. Anybody can pack it quickly with Axolom packing underwear or other gear. Check this out.

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Axolom Au Natural Packing Gear FTM

AXOLOM Au Naturel Soft Silicone FTM Packer - Axolom

Axolom Au Natural is the selling packer in Axolom FTM Packers. It has two variants such as uncut and cut. You can check the products by the link.

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Besides, some the new FTM packers are on the way. We may release the packing gear very soon. Stay with us for the new posts. We may add the products when they products will release.

We launched a few FTM Packing gear for FTM Packer a few days ago. The packing gear is good for use and comfortable for long-term use. While packing an FTM packer, we would love to have breathable packing underwear. For long-term or short-term packing, we build a few friendly gears. Check out the underwear. 

Many trans guys haven't much idea which packing gear should choice and why. We tried to make a post where you can get all the things. Check out FTM STP Packers According To Your Desire | All in one

Axolom Packing Jockstrap

We have launched three ftm packing jockstrap. Two jockstraps is for FTM packers and one jockstrap for Stand to-pee packers. The first Jockstrap we made for FTM packers hasn’t an anti-O role in the pocket. Both are quite similar in look but different in design.

Old Packing Jockstrap


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New Axolom Packing Jockstrap


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Axolom Packing Boxer Briefs & Trunks

We have launched a few packing boxer briefs and trunks for ftm guys. We have four packing boxers and trunks right now. The first boxer hasn’t a roll in the pocket. But the new boxer and trunks have it. We find ways to pack an ftm packer in position. Check out the all ftm packing underwear.

Old Axolom Packing Boxer


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Axolom Packing Boxer


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Axolom Packing Trunks


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New Axolom Packers 2022

Axolom launched their new packers and It's not similar to previous packers. The model is unique and you can try it. We released multiple uncut ftm packers this time. The uncut FTM Packers look natural and you might be comfortable with it. You can also use our underwear for packing. Let's talk about our new packers.

Axolom Uncut FTM Packers

Axolom Hose Packer

AXOLOM Hose Uncut Packer (3.5" Shaft Painted Version) - Axolom

Axolom Hose is a 3.5-inch FTM packer. It's uncircumcised packing gear. The bulge is very small. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Hose Packer.

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Axolom Hob Packer

AXOLOM Hob Small FTM Packer - Axolom

Axolom Hob is a 3.5-inch FTM packer. It's uncircumcised packing gear. It's a very small packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Hob Packer.

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New Axolom Circumcised Packer

Axolom Kong Big Size Packer

AXOLOM The Kong Big Size Packer-5.91" Shaft - Axolom

Axolom Kong Big Size Packer is a 5.9-inch FTM packer. It's circumcised packing gear. It's a big size packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Kong Big Size Packer.

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Axolom Joe Soft Packer

AXOLOM Joe Soft Packer (4.33" Shaft Painted Version) - Axolom

Axolom Joe Packer is a 4.3-inch FTM packer. It's a circumcised packing gear. It's a medium size packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Kong Big Size Packer.

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Axolom Kangaro FTM Gears

AXOLOM Kangaro Circumcised Packer (3.54" Shaft Painted Version) - Axolom

Axolom Kangaro Packer is a 3.5-inch FTM packer. It's a circumcised packing gear. It's a small size packer. 12 colors are available. Let's check out the new Axolom Kangaro Packer.

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We have shared multiple packing gears for transgender men and nonbinary folks. We believe every transgender body is different and they have different choices. We respect their interests. You can try whatever you want.

The new packing gears might be different than the past packing gears. We would love to get your feedback and the way we can improve our products. If you have any questions, you can mail us - at info@axolom.com


How to clean an STP Packer?

Using water and regular soap is very friendly for cleaning an STP packer. Sometimes you can boil it. We suggest washing or cleaning your FTM STP Before and after use.

How to buy an FTM STP Packer?

Choose your STP Packer from Axolom Store and submit your address and make the payment. We will deliver the products to your door. Your delivery will be like a normal delivery. The packaging is well and nobody knows what's in the package.

How to join STP giveaways?

We donate STP packers from Instagram. You can follow our Instagram page and participate while we update you about giveaways.


Which is the best stand to pee prosthetics?

Axolom's best stand to pee prosthetics are

  1. Axolom Thinker
  2. Axolom Handy
  3. Axolom Zeus
  4. Axolom Knight
  5. Axolom Hoddie
Which is the best FTM Packers?

Axolom's best ftm packers are

  1. Axolom Fusion Mini
  2. Axolom Classic
  3. Axolom Kangaro
  4. Axolom Joe
  5. Axolom Kong
  6. Axolom Au Natural
Can I buy STP Packer from India and Bangladesh?

You can buy STP packers but due to law restrictions in this area, you may face some issues. You may need to submit medical documents regarding Gender dysphoria letter, hormone therapy letter, and national identity card or Passport. Axolom doesn't offer to ship to these countries. We got various messages from these countries. So, we thought the answer might be helpful for them.

What is the delivery time to get an STP Packer?

2-15 days is the estimated time to get your package once it is shipped. We ship packages within 8-10 days of purchase.

Can I return the product?

No, All sales are final. You can complain to us if you get the wrong package or a damaged product. We'll again send the item to your door. We can't accept returned products.

How to pack a STP Packer?

Using a harness/underwear is easier to pack a STP. First you can wear the underwear, then you can point the packer into straight and pack it. 

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