Intimate Positions For Transgender men with A STP Packer

We know It sounds awkward but It's true. Most trans men don’t know how to be intimate with their partners. No one likes to share this publicly. We respect everyone's privacy. However, we see the demand for the topic. So, we would like to help the beginner transman. Let's discuss this.

The content is 18 plus. So, we suggest avoiding it if you aren’t 18 or are under 18. The content related to sexual information for transgender men and cis women.

If you haven’t any idea, you can read: What is an FTM STP Packer? Today we want to discuss the topic of How to intimate with your partner with an STP Packer. Before you read this, you may need to buy packer gear. Check out this link to know How to buy an FTM STP Packer.

STP can be of different types, Adhesive STP, Non-Adhesive STPs. Non-adhesive STP packer can be used with an external harness, underwear, jockstrap, etc. On the other hand, an adhesive STP packer should be used with the adhesive sheet. Emisil, and Realmagik provide adhesive STP packers. Our company Axolom provides non-adhesive Erect STP packers. Though everyone has their different demands. You have the right to use any gear.

Whenever we come to the point of sex position. We can't express or share our thoughts through posts. It's because of privacy. We can't openly share about I had sex.

When I tried for the first time, I learned that Intimate Positions are different for us and we need to learn about them. Even we can't share it openly or privately. Most trans men understand the Intimate Positions while they practice.

We suggest using Peecock Play Harness, Rodeoh Underwear, or Axolom STP Jockstrap while you practice with your partner. You'll need to insert a pleasure rod in the STP packer. Before you start intimating, you need to complete the first step.

The first step of sex is a kiss. Kiss helps your partner to have sexual feelings and she might be interested to go for sex. Use Durex gel or alternative lubricant gel that plays well during sex.

Intimate Positions For Trans Men

Doggy Style: Doggy style is the first playful step for sexual intercourse for transgender men. Keep your STP Packer in the right position and make it tight. You must be reminded that while you play with your partner, you must have felt in your clitoris. It completes your orgasms. Push forward and Push backward. You can see a few videos through adult sites.

Cowboy/Cowgirl: It's a good sex position for transgender men. Your partner will sit on your penis prosthetics and start enjoying.

Other Positions: BodyGuard, Butterfly.

Transgender men don’t understand how to start meeting with their partners. In this case, we suggest preparing yourself at home. You can impress your partner and ask for a meeting. Once she agreed, you can start intimating through a beautiful kiss. You can press her boobs slowly and pack off your shirts and pants.

Which STP Packer we should use for sex?

There are various erect packers and 3 in 1 STP packers in the market. If you are only interested in erection, then you can buy an erect STP packer. It's good for sexual intercourse and It's super realistic. Your partner will enjoy it. We suggest Adhesive STP packers for better pleasure.

Our Non-Adhesive Pack N Play STP Packers List:

  • Axolom Eros
  • Axolom Perseus
  • Axolom Altas

3-in-1 STP packers provide pee, pack and, play. It offers a pleasure rod which you need to insert it. The STP packer is soft, realistic, good for regular packing, and also good for sexual pleasure. While you play, you must follow the guideline. We recommend Axolom Handy, Axolom Knight, Axolom Zeus, Axolom Homerun, Axolom Hoodie, Axolom Thinker, etc.

What do you want to prepare while having sex?

Be confident. You know that It's hard to be intimate but not impossible. You can enjoy it while you play with your partner. Before you have sex, you need to try the steps in your home or private room. Even every cis man does.

Few transmen don’t want to tell the truth about their bodies but It's wrong. Your partner should understand you and participate while you would like to be intimate. Your partner should be helpful. Otherwise, It's difficult for both for enjoying a great moment.

How to Position A STP Packer?

Position your STP Packer in the middle. You can position your packer towards the clitoris. Follow the article: How to Position an STP packer.

What do you need for playing?

Condoms, Water based Lubricant gel, and tissue paper. The products are useful during pleasure time. Before you play, you must rub the gel into the STP packer. Insert or Push your packer slowly.

How to date a girl?

There are many dating sites where you can find your matching partner. You can meet beautiful people everyday and can talk about your personal life. If they are interested, you can make a relationship.

What should we do after having sex?

Wash your STP packer by water, and, soap. Use tissue for better hygiene. Ask your partner if she needs anything.

Thanks for reading the article. We hope you'll have better sex. You can alternatively try multiple sex positions. Search "Sex positions" in google. Thank you for staying with us.

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