How To Use STP Packer Regularly Everywhere

STP packer is a common and essential product for transgender and non-binary folks. It reduces the bottom dysphoria. It is a bottom dysphoria removal product.

STP Packer is a device that is used for urinating, packing, sexual pleasure and mental pleasure. It is soft and good for long-term use. It is made of silicone prosthetics.

STP Packer has some variants.

  • Stand to Pee Prosthetics
  • FTM Packing Device
  • FTM Play Erect Penis

Stand to Pee Prosthetics

It allows a person to urinate in front of public toilets through the funnel. Some STP Packers made 3-in-1 STP packers to get all the benefits in one product. You can check out our 3-in-1 STP Packers.

How to buy an STP packer?

There are some companies who provide the packers. We also provide FTM STP packers. You can check our Axolom Homepage. First, select a packer and click the "buy now or add to cart" button.

Packing an STP packer is now super easy by FTM packing underwear. We have recently launched the Axolom Packing Underwears. There are three types of packing underwear for FTM guys.

  • Underwear for Packing
  • Underwear For STP & Packing
  • Jockstrap

How to use your STP packer regularly?

From our personal experience, we suggest an FTM guy use 7-14 hours a day & Please avoid wearing packers while sleeping. Before sleep, you need to unpack your packer from your body and wash it with regular soap and water.

In the morning, you can pack the STP packer with an STP packing underwear & pants. You can go anywhere with it. Whenever you need to urinate, you can use male toilets as well.

In-home you can use our underwear brief as well. Whenever you feel to unpack it, you can simply remove it from your body.

STP Packer Tips For Using Public Toilets

When we start using STP packers, we would like to use male toilets normally. The Trans Beginners are very nervous when they go to male toilets for the first time. Before using public toilets, we suggest every transgender man practise STP packers regularly at home.

Whenever you discovered how to use an STP device for urinating, you'll confident everywhere. Go to public toilets and stand your STP device in front of the tube and control your pee whenever it tries to overflow. Once you understand how to control and pee, then no one can stop you. No one looks at you when you pee. If you are very nervous and not confident, then you can use private spaces in public toilets.

The funnel of an STP packer should be straight and the hole should have enough accurate size. An STP packer should be user-friendly. We must be careful about overflowing water.

STP Packer For Sex & Play

An STP packer plays an important role for almost every transman. Even It becomes more helpful for sexual life. A straight trans man would like to use an STP packer with his girlfriend. Some STP packer is made for erection and Some 3-in-1 STP packer has three options including Sexual pleasure.

For sexual Pleasuement, you can use Axolom STP packers with pleasure rods. For the best sexual satisfaction, we suggest using an FTM harness rather than STP underwear. We haven’t launched any FTM harness right now. So, we suggest using Peecock or alternative brands.

For gay Trans men, they can use the STP packer as well. By inserting a pleasure rod, it will be a hard penis that works very good. Or they can use our Axolom Rook Erect Packer as well.

FTM Guide For Adhesive Packers

Adhesive STP packers are soft and good for bottom dysphoria. Some Trans guys don't like to use harnesses with STP packers. The adhesive packer is the right option for them. For attaching adhesive STP packers, you need to paste adhesive sheets into your body.

The negative side of an Adhesive packer is It's painful when you need to remove or unpack it from body. Before using adhesive packers and adhesive sheets, you need to have clean shave to your private parts. It's very important thing. You can follow one of our article that is related to Adhesive Sheet Guide.

Soft FTM STP Packers For Packing

Packing a soft packer is really easy than other packers. It's more comfortable for wearing. Generally a trans guy use ftm packing underwear that has a short pocket inside the underwear. You can read 6 FTM Packers under 50$.

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