Which Packing Underwears Should We Choose For FTM Packing?

Find Packing underwear is the first essential part of packing a STP packer. We know every STP packer model is different. Some STP has good height, and some have less height. STP packers make for fulfilling the needs of every transgender individual.

STP packer was invented 18-20 years ago. We aren’t sure when it was invented. In the beginning it was just a silicone packer that uses for pee. Later on, it is able to use for sexual intercourse also. Most transgender men use silicone prosthetics. But not everyone would like to tell you. It’s because It's a personal thing and you might feel awkward telling this. So, we think to share the general and most essential products for transmen that every transgender man needs to know.

Most female to male transgender don’t know What is a STP Packer? It's a silicone-made prosthetic that used to stand to pee. Therefore, the transman who brought an STP packer, he doesn’t know how to use an STP packer and how to position an STP packer. As we know STP packer also plays a role in sexual intercourse. But most transmen don’t know Which Sex Positions we should apply! However, It's a personal thing. There isn’t everyone would like to share it. A few trans guys share their sexual life for educational purposes.

What is a STP Packer?

STP Packer is a stand-to-pee prosthetic. It is made by silicone mold. It used to stand to pee in front of public or private spaces. It's a masculine device that builds masculinity.

8 Stand To Pee Prosthetics - Budget Friendly

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Squire
  • Axolom Astro
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Zeus
  • Axolom Homerun
  • Axolom Hoodie

STP Packers For Beginners

At the beginning, It's not easy to choose or adjust a STP packer. It takes some time and a lot of practice is required for using an stp device. Though It's an external gear, it can't place or position easily. Whenever you try to position an FTM STP packer, you may feel uneasy and awkward. You can also feel awkward sometimes in public places. You may face regular itching issues. It happened to most trans guys but they can't share it openly.

Practice a STP Packer:

  1. Use itching cream for oil skins.
  2. Use tissue paper inside the STP packer at the beginning. Once you adjust or position it, you can remove the tissue and start using it regularly.
  3. Using boxers or trunks is helpful for long-day use.
  4. Avoid jockstrap for long-term use.
  5. Wash your STP before or after use.
  6. Apply body-safe powder in the bottom area. But please don't apply powder to the clitoris or vagina area.

How to use a STP packer?

Using an STP packer is now very easy for us. Before using an STP packer, you may need the device. You can buy Axolom Thinker or any other STP packers from Axolom store. For practicing an STP packer, you may require:

  • FTM Harness
  • STP Jockstrap
  • STP Boxers
  • STP Trunks

The first and most important thing is to position an STP packer. Let's know How to position a STP packer.

How To Position A STP Packer?

Positioning a STP packer is easy. First, place the STP packer along our clitoris. Then see where it is leaking from when urinating with it. Hold that place and urinate again. The urine tube and clitoris are located side by side in our body. You can understand the whole thing by two images where we describe it clearly.

Image 1

Image 2

How to intimate with your female partner?

Give her enough sexual pleasure before sex. Use your hands and lips to kiss her lips and anywhere that arouses sex. When she feels the need to have sex, prepare the STP packer (including the pleasure rod) and rub her vagina for some time. Place a soft pillow under her back to make sex easier. After rubbing, slowly enter the genital area. Start thrusting slowly and gradually. Try to make yourself feel the same way. Both can enjoy it.

If it happens that your partner doesn't want to have sex(you had sex before) but you want to have sex with her, first thrill her enough for 30-40 minutes. Then slowly rub her genitals with your fingers. Then lift your finger and enter the STP packer. But don't have too much sex. It can cause damage to both bodies.

Note: Forceful sex is painful and we don’t suggest anyone. It's a crime. Love your partner. Respect your partner and take care of them.

How to pack an FTM STP Packer every day?

Packing a STP packer is easy and important for daily life. You can use axolom trunks when you do general walking. Use boxers or jockstraps when you go out or go to work.

What is the alternative of STP packers?

STP packers have three features such as soft packers, stand to pee prosthetics, and erect packers. You can use soft packers for regular packing. It's lightweight and you might be helpful by using it regularly. Erect packers are usually for sexual intercourse. For erect Packers, you can read the best Pack N Play Packers For Trans Guys. Do you read All STP Packers That you may need in your transition?

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