4 FTM Essentials For Trans Guys : Female To Male Transgender

Sometimes we look at essential trans-friendly products that needed all-time for our FTM transition. Whenever we tried to find out the ftm essentials, we found multiple gears such as chest binders, masturbators, FTM packers, STP packers and others. But most trans guys don't know which gears ensure our needs and what gears we need to purchase.

Though everyone has different choices and needs, they may or not need these products. But if you looking for trans-friendly gears, then this article may help you find out which and where we can find out the gears. We listed the FTM Essentials based on mostly trans guys.


4 FTM Essentials For Trans Guys : Female To Male Transgender

At the point of beginning the FTM transition, we feel we aren’t comfortable with breasts anymore and for top surgery, there are many procedures. And it requires time. So, chest binders are the best solution at the point where we can easily look like a man without surgery. If you are new and want to know about chest binders, then we will write a short brief for you.

What is a chest binder?

A chest binder is a sports bra or innerwear that use to flatten your chest. This cloth is very helpful for transgender men and sportswomen. Even men with large breasts also use it. It makes your chest flatten and you can use it for 7-8 hours a day.

Now you know What is a chest binder and how it will work for you. Now you may think about where we can get the chest binders. Don't worry. We take care of your needs. You can find your chest binders from Gc2b, Fytist, NYTC. Axolom has also working on chest binders. Once it's released, we'll update you guys.

How to get chest binders?

To get good quality chest binders, you can purchase chest binders from the Gc2b website or Fytist's website. The pricing of each binder is 15$-50$.

We know the price may be high for beginners who haven’t planned their transition yet or haven’t saved money. Some trans-friendly non-profit organisations provide free chest binders for them. Organisations like Points of Pride and others are working for us. They help us without profit and they serve 10,000 plus binders every year. Though it takes some time to get the binders. They are directly worked with various binding companies such as GC2B. We know Gc2b provides breathable chest binders for trans and others. Anyone can apply for chest binders who feel the need the essentiality of a binder.

After the top surgery, we won't need any chest binders anymore. Top surgery is the surgical procedure that removes the breast tissue. A surgeon operates the surgery.

After or before the top surgery, we may sometimes feel of need a bottom gear that allows us to pack, urinate and have sexual intercourse. In this case, we can use various types of STP packers. There are different variants of STP packers. But again most of the trans guys don't know the various styles. We will share a short brief.

4 FTM Essentials For Trans Guys : FTM STP Packers

What is an STP Packer?

STP packer is a stand-to-pee prosthetic or packer that is used for urinating, packing and foreplay. It looks like a penis. Transgender men are also known as fake penis prosthetics or silicone packing gear. The gear is very popular in the transgender community and there are almost 1000 transmen coming out each month. The number is increasing day by day. More support can help them to introduce their identity in front of others. There are three types of STP Packers:

  1. Stand to Pee Packer
  2. Soft FTM Packer
  3. Erect Packer

Penis Prosthetics has two shapes:

  1. Uncircumcised / Natural/ Uncut STP Packer.
  2. Circumcised / Cut STP Packer.

Packing styles can be different for individuals. Their packing types are two types:

  1. Adhesive
  2. Non-Adhesive



This is a urinating device. It used to pee in front of public washrooms or toilets. Now Stand to Pee Packer can have 3-in-1 benefits. It means you can use it for peeing, playing and packing. Axolom produces these 3-in-1 STP packers. The pleasure rods sell separately. For foreplay, you will require a pleasure rod. The price of a stand-to pee packer starts 59$-79$. The pleasure rod price can be 20-25$. Let's have a stand-to-pee packer in Axolom STP Store.

Three informative articles regarding STAND TO PEE PACKER:

The Best Stand to Pee Packers are

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Astro
  • Axolom Zeus
  • Axolom Squire
  • Axolom Homerun
  • Axolom Hoddie


This is a soft packer. It is used for packing regularly. You can use the packer even if you are new. You don't need the knowledge of how to position a packer. Because you can use it with packing underwear. The packing underwear holds your packer in position. Begineer trans guys would like to buy soft packers more than stand-to-pee packers. The reason behind using an FTM Packer:

  • Ease to pack
  • Pack anytime
  • It can be packed in a few minutes
  • Hold in position.
  • No itching issues.
  • No side effects/ pain.
  • Lightweight.

Before purchasing a soft FTM packer, you may need to know which size is ideal for your body. You can purchase whatever your desired size is. But for comfort, we suggest calculating the shape from the lower abdomen to 1 inch before the bladder. It may be the ideal size for long-term use. The price is less than the stand-to-pee device. The price of soft packers is 15$-49$. You can get various types of soft gear in the Axolom FTM Packers shop.

The Best Soft FTM Packers are

  • Axolom Monsieur
  • Axolom Au Naturel
  • Axolom Fusion
  • Axolom King Size
  • Axolom Hose
  • Axolom Hob
  • Axolom Classic



Erect packer means erection. The packer is hard and used for foreplay. Foreplay means you and your partner both can be intimate with each other. It's like the pack-and-play. That's why trans guys named it "PACK N PLAY PACKER". You may require an FTM harness or alternatives for packing or holding the packer into the position. The option of ERECTION is also available in our stand to pee packers such as Thinker, Knight, Handy, Zeus, Astro, etc. Though guys would like to have erection packers separately, so we made these hard packers.

Pack N play packers are hard and it is good for long-term use. We recommended washing every STP packer before and after the user. Sexual parts are very sensitive and we need to clean the part every time. Otherwise, you might face itching and infection. Most of the trans guys forget to clean their pack-n-play packer for excitement. It's not good at all. You can get 3 plus erect packers in Axolom Pack N Play Packers Store.

Here we discussed the various types of FTM STP packers. Now we would like to talk about the two variables such as uncut and cut STP packers.


An uncircumcised penis is known as natural. According to Google search, the foreskin drapes over the head (glans) of the penis like a hood when you're not erect. The penis head largely isn't visible. The uncut STP packers look like the real uncut or uncircumcised penis.


According to Google, Healthline shares ((Cut: In a cut penis, the foreskin is absent. This leaves the glans out in the open at all times, whether you're erect or not. You may notice a slight difference in skin texture where the foreskin was removed. The skin closer to your body may feel tougher and thicker.)) The cut STP packers look like the real cut or circumcised penis.

 4 FTM Essentials For Trans Guys : FTM STP Packers

Whenever a female-to-male transgender individual would like to buy a FTM STP packer, they choose the wrong packers at the beginning which aren’t safe for their body. We tried to provide good quality packing gear for trans and non-binary folks. Not only them, anyone can buy these products.


How to pack an FTM STP Packer?

There are two types of STP packers for packing such as adhesive and non-adhesive. Adhesive STP packer can pack with adhesive sheets and non-adhesive STP packer comes with elastic band packing underwear. You can pack your STP packer with FTM packing underwear. The underwears are different from regular underwear.

How to wash an STP Packer?

To wash an STP packer, you can use:

  • Clean or Fresh Water
  • Boil your STP packers once a week/month
  • Keep it dry
  • Don't use powders

How to use your STP for intimating?

We know, It's important to know how to use your STP with your partner for intimating. It's easy and you need to know. Before intimating, you can use water-based gel and rub it into your STP packer. It makes your STP oily to push inside the vagina. Pack your STP packer with a tight FTM harness. Now you are ready for play. You can try your desired positions such as doggy style, or regular style.

How to stand to pee with an STP packer?

To use your STP packer for stand to pee, you need to know how your STP packet flows the water. You will need to practice a lot. We suggest to use it without clothes or shower time. You can follow the video to having visual knowledge:

Which is the best STP packers for beginners?

Most of the guys need to know which is the best STP packer for beginners. So, we made a list for ourselves. The best STP packers for beginners:

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Homerun
  • Axolom Astro

The STP packers are good for beginners for practising. You'll understand your body types and you'll also know which types of gears are suitable for your body. These will help you to buy new gear which can be expensive or cheap. You can find more gear in the Axolom shop. But we suggest these packers for beginners. My first packer was Thinker in Axolom and I'm using it for the last 2 years without regression.

How to pick the right size for an STP packer?

It's difficult to say which size we should pick or which isn’t. My first STP size was 3.75 inches and I felt the size was very less than my expectation. Then I got an STP packer from Axolom. It was Axolom Thinker Model STP. I am really happy with the size. I also tried Axolom Handy, Squire and it's not suitable.

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