How Can We Use a STP Packer? Female To Male Transgender Packer

Now, we belong in an era where transgender visibility has been a common part of our life. While we start living normally with other guys, we faced a common issue of "URINATING" and tried to show "Big Dick" in our pants from outside.

In the beginning, you need to check out different STP packers and choose one packer. Choose 3-in-1 STP packers at the beginning. Because if you buy specific packers for various purposes, you'll lose your money. First, learn how to use a packer, how to stand to pee, how to erect your packer, etc. However, you need a lot of practice for being an expert.

3-in-1 STP packers provide the facilities for urinating, playing, and packing regularly. Suppose, you have recently tried to buy an STP packer but the packer doesn’t comfortable with you. Then, resell the packer and buy a new one. You should follow Transman Youtubers to know which is the most selling STP packers? Then you can purchase the packer and follow the instructions.

Sometimes we didn’t want to carry extra things with us. That's okay. But if you want to keep something that makes your life easy, you can start using an STP packer regularly.

Before reading the article, you may require an STP packer. Learn the article: How to buy an STP packer. Some guys are confused about which packing gear we should buy and for them we wrote an article about the best STP Packers For Trans Guys.

Female To Male Transgender Bottom Dysphoria Products

What is an STP packer?

STP packer is a device. It helps transgender individuals to stand to pee in front of public washrooms and toilets. However, it requires a lot of practice and regular packing.

STP packers are available in two variants:

  • Adhesive STP Packer
  • Non-Adhesive STP Packer

STP Packers are three types:

What does it mean by 3-in-1 STP packers?

3-in-1 STP Packer has three options such as pee, play, and pack. It means you can get 3 options in one device. The device can be used according to your need or situation. Axolom provides 3-in-1 STP packers in FTM STP Shop.


FTM Packers

FTM Packers are known as soft packer gear. A trans guy can easily carry it. The packer's price is also cheap than stand-to-pee prosthetics. However, the soft packers may not give satisfaction for urinating.

  • Axolom Fusion
  • Axolom Au Naturel
  • Axolom Classic
  • Axolom Kong Size
  • Axolom Kangaro
  • Axolom Hose
  • Axolom Hob


Stand to Pee Prosthetics

Stand-to-pee prosthetics are known as urinating devices. It has a hole inside it. The price is 59$-79$. You can check out - Axolom FTM STP Shop. Now stand to pee prosthetics are available with 3-in-1 features.

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Zeus
  • Axolom Squire
  • Axolom Astro


Pack N Play Packers

Pack N Play Packers are known as erect packers. The STP packer is erected during sexual intercourse. Most trans guys would love adhesive Pack N-Play packers for play. However, non-adhesive erect packers are also available in our store. Check out - Axolom Pack N Play Packers

  • Axolom Eros
  • Axolom Perseus
  • Axolom Atlas

The FTM Essentials List

  1. Chest Binders
  2. STP Packers
  3. Huts
  4. Trimmer
  5. Scar Removal Cream
  6. Face Wash
  7. Beard Oils
  8. Pleasure Kits


Can I buy multiple STP packers?

Yes, you can. You can buy 4-5 alternative STP packers. Select a few FTM Soft Packers and 3 stand to pee prosthetics. Then you can select one STP packer for one or two weeks for practice. But Don't use multiple packers at a time. As a result, you'll be confused about how to pack or pee through it.

Which are the best STP Packers in 2023?

According to our analysis, Axolom Thinker, Knight, Hoodie, Astro, and Homerun are in the top-selling packer gear. It is the best STP packers in 2023. Axolom always tries to provide authentic FTM STP packers which are body safe and made by body-safe silicone mold. The pricing is also budget-friendly for the audience. Therefore, we would love to provide more new packers this year.

Best STP Packers List

  1. Axolom Thinker
  2. Axolom Handy
  3. Axolom Squire
  4. Axolom Knight
  5. Axolom Homerun
  6. Axolom Hoodie
  7. Axolom Zeus

What was the best STP Packers in 2022?

Axolom Thinker, Knight, Homerun & Hoodie was the best STP packers which earn trans guys trustworthy and authentic reviews. Trans guys share their authentic reviews on our products page. Axolom Squire is one of the STP packers that have gotten top or highest reviews. We are very glad to have you.

How to buy adhesive STP Packers?

Emisil, Gendercat, Reelmagik, and Axolom provide adhesive STP Packers. We have now only a few adhesive STP packers. We are going to release more adhesive STP packers this year. Axolom Monseigneur is our adhesive packer model. We know adhesive is trans guys' love. We are working on adhesive STPs. We'll update you once our adhesive packers will release.

How to position an STP Packer?

According to our knowledge, we would like to share a few images. See the below:

How Can We Use a STP Packer? Female To Male Transgender Packer



What STP packer should we choose at the beginning?

Axolom Thinker is the most trans-friendly packing gear for trans beginners. Don't forget to have Axolom STP Trunks, Jockstrap & Boxers. Axolom Thinker is suitable for packing gear. We also share a gear list for trans beginners.

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Hoodie
  • Axolom Squire
  • Axolom Astro

How to reduce bottom dysphoria?

Bottom dysphoria is our mentally weak point. We can reduce our bottom dysphoria through FTM STP packers. It helps to decrease the dysphoria for a little period. As we know, bottom surgery is the permanent solution for gender euphoria. But not every trans guy is ready for it. So, It's a hundred times better to use an STP packer as an alternative to bottom surgery.

How to play with my partner by an STP Packer?

Use Pack N Play packer is good for enjoying with packer. You can use Axolom Eros, Perseus, and Atlas for intimating. Alternatively, you can have a pleasure rod for your STP packer. Insert your rod when you would like to play with your partner. Don’t use plastic rods. Use silicone rods.

How do I know which STP packer is suitable for me?

Practice an STP packer for 3 months and understand the packing gear. If you easily pass or control the water flow and pack your gear easily, then you can understand this is the packer gear.

How does a female-to-male transgender buy an STP packer?

Use your previous documents if you haven’t changed anything. Some country rules are very restrictive on such adult products. As it is a medical product, you can ask for a letter from your psychiatrist. Though it doesn’t require. You can use your previous national identity card or passport details for releasing the product from customs.

Which packer is easy for packing?

Adhesive STP packers are easy for packing. Even you don’t need any harness or external gears for packing. However, you may feel pain when you remove the gear from your body. You must clean your hair before applying it.

What should be our packing lifestyle?

Start your day with your STP with an STP jockstrap or boxer. Then unpack your STP before showering. Clean your packer with clean water. Then left for some time to dry. You can pack with an STP boxer and use it as long as you needed. Unpack your packer before sleep.

How to use FTM Soft packers?

Pack an FTM packer with an FTM Packing underwear. You can try Axolom Packing Underwear. Now you can wear it like regular underwear. It's easy and trans-friendly.

Which STP size should be good for mine?

Though It's hard to tell which sizing you need, you can try different sizes packer. Example: I choose 3.75 inches packer for the first time. Then I understand the size isn’t enough for me. Then I tried Thinker which is 5.3 inches. It is my perfect size. I have also tried handy but I'm not comfortable with it. Hope you'll also find your gear by this way.

How to find alternative STP Packer gears?

We live in an era where there are many STP prostheses has been made by different companies. As we offer budget-friendly STP packers, there are many companies who offer expensive packers such as Emisil, Gendercat, Reelmagik, etc. You can search on google by writing "STP Packer Gears".

Which is the most affordable FTM STP packers?

The most affordable FTM STP packer is Squire, Thinker, Knight, Handy, Hoodie, Homerun, etc. And the FTM Soft Packers are Monseigneur, Fusion pro, Au Natural, Kangaro, Kong Size, Classic, etc.

Can I intimate through the FTM packer?

No, you can't. FTM packers are soft. During intimacy, the packer can't erect or be hard. So, you can't use it as an erect packer. For erection, you can use Axolom Perseus, Eros, Atlas, or any of our 3-in-1 STP packers. Read Different Intimate Position For Trans Guys.

Which sex positions should be good for trans guys?

Doggy style is the best sex position and you both can enjoy it. The pleasure point may feel a lot. You can try alternative positions.

Can I masturbate with an STP packer?

It might be yes. The STP packers with ridges may feel better sexually. You can keep it close to your clitoris and start enjoying it.

How to buy budget-friendly FTM packing gear?

Axolom sells high-quality FTM packing gears at cheap pricing. Because of most trans guys can't afford expensive gear. We believe every transman can buy the gear if the pricing meets their budget. So, our target is to help the transgender men community by providing STP packers and other alternative gear under the budget. Our point is not to make money by selling the products at a high rate.

What is Axolom's next mission?

Our mission is to provide all trans essentials in our store such as Chest binders, injection kits, bottom wear, and other gear. Though we are working on it. Our mission isn’t complete right now. It takes a long time.

How can a female-to-male transgender improve their life?

A female to male transgender can improve their life by changing their regular habits. Start your day with yoga or physical exercise and have a fresh haircut. If you have restrictions in your family for cutting long hair, you can use huts for hiding the hair. For hormones and surgery funding, you can join a job or start your own business. We hope your life will improve day by day.

How does a transman start their YouTube channel?

By providing informative videos, your channel will reach a lot of trans. Your video topic should be clear and trans-friendly. You can review the packing gears which generates more views. However, you may need a lot of time for reaching your goal.

How to enlarge the FTM clitoris?

Mostly trans guys would like to have a natural penis with the bigger size. Generally, the clitoris is small and by taking hormone therapy, the size starts increasing. By taking DHT cream or gel there is a massive chance of growing the clitoris to 2 cm. However, DHT cream relates a lot of side effects such as hair loss, etc.

What should I do if I get pregnant between hormone therapy?

The decision is yours. If you would like to have your biological child, then you should stop hormone therapy and ask your hormone therapist what you should do now. Go for a checkup with a gynecologist. She/he may help you to bring a healthy child. Therefore, you can start hormone therapy after giving birth to a Baby. Nowadays It's very common for the transgender community.

How to have a baby with a female partner?

As a transman, you can't impregnate any female partner. But there are many alternative ways to having your own child. Through research, we have discovered IVF & IVG baby processing methods.

For IVF, you may need to preserve your eggs from hysterotomy(removing the uterus and ovaries), then you can search for a sperm donor. He may help you to have a child. Now the IVF doctor will mix the donor sperm with your eggs. He may take a few days for good results. Then he will input it into your partner's ovaries. The process sounds awkward but the process is helpful.

For IVG, your skin cells will be used for making sperm. Your partner's eggs or skin cells should be reserved. Then the doctor starts the procedure and after having good results, he will input it into your partner's ovaries. In this way, you can have your own child. But the researchers are running on. We heard it for 11 years and it still needs 8-10 years. Hope we'll be parents one day by IVG.

Thank you guys for reading. Your feedback encourages me to write more effective and authentic articles. Please let me know if you have any inquiries. 

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