How To Prepare Our FTM Surgery Routine | FTM Transition Timeline

Before starting our FTM transition, we need to arrange a lot of money or funds. The funds will help us in the future to have a better life. Testosterone makes our life live a new way. We become freedom free and confident.

Transition is a process to have a better life from one lifestyle to another. FTM transition is very special for transgenders. We never ignore the truth. When we discovered ourselves as transgender, we would like to have a life where we can live what we want to be.

When we start researching how we can begin the process of female to male sex reassignment surgery, we found many options such as GD(Gender Dysphoria Letter), (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy, Hystromy, Mastectomy, Phalloplasty or Metoidioplasty, Penile Implement, Scrotum implement, etc.

To start the female-to-male transition, we must have gender dysphoria. We have already shared an article regarding Gender dysphoria. You can check the page for more information.

Today we would like to share the explanation and the routine of perfect timing for each surgery. First, make a plan & fix the year in which year you want to be finished with the surgery. Example: 2025 or 2028. Timing is very important for every time or every purpose of life. You can avoid bottom surgery if you don't want to have it because of complications. It's not a problem. But there is still some trans who would like to have all the surgery.

FTM Transition Timeline

Gender Dysphoria: A person who is born with the wrong body or mismatch with biological sex, and identified as opposite or secondary sex, they are known as transgender. It is also known as Gender Dysphoria. Most transgender gender dysphoria at the age of 6 or later on. Gender dysphoria may not feel by everyone. We know every transgender individual is different and It's doesn’t necessary or required to be a transgender.

Gender Dysphoria Letter

Gender Dysphoria Letter: When you wish to have surgery for having a good life, you'll need to follow some guidelines. The guidelines make you eligible for surgery and even you can change your present identity to the future. Before starting the surgery procedure according to WPATH, you must check up on your mental health with a professional psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will provide a gender dysphoria letter once they think you are eligible for medical transition. You can tell them about your mental health or if you have any anxiety issues. They will provide medicines for it. To get a gender dysphoria letter, it may need 6-12 months. In some countries, you can get the same day when you go for a check-up.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy: It is a long procedure. After getting a GD letter from a psychiatrist, you need to schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist. It may need 1-6 months. It varies on the endocrinologist. Then he will give some medical tests to check your blood pressure such as blood tests, TSH tests, and others. When he checked the report and thought you are eligible for taking the hormone, you'll start the hormone therapy. Some endocrinologists may ask for official affidavit letters. It's only for a few countries where transgender surgery isn’t allowed openly.

Top Surgery

Top surgery: The surgery is very important to every trans man. No transgender men like to have large chests. From the age of 12 or 13, the breasts start growing. From then we start hating breasts. It feels very uncomfortable and irritating. Top surgery is also known as mastectomy. Once we passed the endocrinologist and start taking testosterone, we feel much happy and more comfortable with our bodies. Most transmen recommend top surgery after taking 1 or 2 years of testosterone. You can do top surgery before taking testosterone. It actually depends on individuals. The recovery time may need 2-8 months.


Hystromy: It is called the process of removal urethra and ovaries. This is the first step of bottom surgery. The procedure can be done after 8-12 months of top surgery or whenever you want. The recovery time may need 1-3 months or 6 months. Hystromy is not any complicated surgery. It's a 2-3 hour surgery procedure of removal of the urethra and ovaries.


Phalloplasty is the procedure of creating a new phallus from the forearm. During the procedure, the surgeon suggests patients do full bed rest. Phalloplasty is a multi-stage surgery. There are multiple types of phalloplasty such as RFF, ALT, etc. Every surgeon follows their own technic. So, it's hard to say the recovery time. The estimated recovery time is 6-9 months. It may take longer. The procedure has a lot of complications but still, the trans guys pass the journey with mental and physical energy. More than 100 people undergo phalloplasty. Check out the phalloplasty result on Reddit.


Metoidioplasty is called the neo-phallus which is created by the clitoris. The size of the clitoris is going to be bigger on the testostore. Testosterone makes it a bit large than past. It looks like a natural penis. Metoidioplasty can be done after 1 year on testostore. But mostly transgender done Metoidioplasty after 3-4 years on testostore and 2 years of hystromy. Some trans guys shared that the actual clitoris size will be recognized after 1 year of hystromy. The recovery time is less than phalloplasty. The complication is very few than Phalloplasty. Though penis size is not enough as we expected. You can use meta extension as well.

Scrotum implement

Scrotum creation will be done after 8-10 months of post-op. The recovery time is 2-3 months. During the procedure, the surgeon creates the scrotums and implements the rods. The procedure isn't much expensive. The recovery time may be slow.

As we described, we found the estimated time of every surgery recovery. Almost 3-5 years are needed to complete the whole surgery. If you follow any trans YouTubers, you may know about their FTM journey timeline. Sex reassignment surgery is extremely painful and critical surgery. It is related to too many complications. Most transmen don’t want to have bottom dysphorias such as phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.

Surgery & Costs

The cost of surgery are depending on the surgeon and procedure. The top surgery costs are near to 5000$-10,000$ dollar. Some insurance company covers FTM transition. The cost of hystromy is 6000-12,000$ dollars. The cost of metoidioplasty is an 8000-15,000$ dollar. The phalloplasty surgery cost is higher than others. It may need 40,000$-180,000$ dollar. Every surgeon has their own techniques and they might not similar to others.

Recovery Instructions

Recovery is a very important subject of every surgery. During recovery, we need to be free, and stressless. FTM Surgery recovery procedure depends on the surgery or complications. Some trans guys would like to start physical exercise after 3 weeks of top surgery or other surgery. But it can be dangerous for your health. Our body isn't a machine that you pressure highly. Our body needs rest during recovery time. You can walk anywhere. It doesn't create issues. But once you start physical exercise, your body feels weak. You have to follow the surgeon's instructions. It may help you to recover soon.

Social Appearance Before Surgery

Social appearance is also an essential part of our life. While we start taking testosterone, our body starts developing parts such as beard growth, body hair, voice changes, etc. Before testosterone, we can easily use female toilets. But being on testosterone becomes the most significant issue of our life. Our life is looking like hell in the eye of others. We can't ignore the truth. Our life becomes much more complicated. During this time, STP packers help us a lot. We'll have no issues if we have FTM Packers or STP packers.

Through 3-in-1 STP Packers, we are able to urinate in anywhere, play with our partners, and pack or wear anywhere. The STP packers make our day well. We become more confident in Public. We can use 2-5 STP packers during the time before phalloplasty. It's comfortable with FTM packing underwear. You can fulfill your sexual desire at this time.

Funds And Savings

Funding is the main option to have surgery and settle our life. No one comes to give you money. You need to work hard. You should not waste money on fiction. Our life isn’t a bed of roses. Few countries' insurance policies have the option of covering the surgery. Saving is the main way to save money into our pockets.


Can I start taking testosterone before top surgery?

Yes, you can. Testosterone is the second step of the FTM transition. Some trans guys wish to have top surgery before taking hormone therapy. According to some countries' regulations, you must be 2 years on testosterone before having top surgery.

Is DHT Gel good for Metoidioplasty?

Maybe. It might be good for Metoidioplasty. We found some positives in the trans busket, though the site is down now for some issues. But still, you can find many results on Reddit. DHT gel helps to grow the clitoris from zero to 4cm. But it may not work for everyone. It also depends on the human body.

How to come out as a trans man?

Coming out as a trans man is sometimes very difficult. Every family is different. We don't know how the family reacts to the matter. Some may react positively and some may react negatively. It depends on how they understand you or how they know about you. It's different for each family. Some families tried to force their children to marry and have a child after knowing this. Some thoughts it's a phase that will go after some time. But when you start talking about it, most of the family tries to ignore you. So, it's up to you. If your situation isn't good, then you need to wait for a little period. It can be 1 year or 2 years. Between the years you can join a job and save some money for your transition. This will help you to have a good day in the future.

What is the cost of FTM top surgery?

The cost of FTM top surgery is 1000$-10,000$. USA surgeons may charge 6000$-12,000$ for top surgery. In some specific countries including India and Bangladesh, the cost is 800$-1500$. The costs are different for keyhole and double incisions.

What is the cost of metoidioplasty?

The cost of metoidioplasty is 6000$-15,000$. The costs depend on the surgeon's area and experience with female to male patients. You might be interested in metoidioplasty. You can follow Reddit social media for images and more ideas. We found many positive results on Reddit and the most important thing you can ask your inquiry and questions. It's a big community and 18+ users are allowed.

How to save money for FTM transition?

You can join a job that has a good salary. You should have 80-90% money from the salary. If you live alone, you can do it easily. If your insurance company doesn’t cover the transition costing, you can bear the costs. Saving is only the way to have a better life.

Can I have top surgery & hystromy at the same time?

Yes, possible. But there are a few complications. If you are ready to take this, then you can go for both at the same time.

When do I get a GD letter from a psychiatrist?

Every case is different. It takes 1-6 months or 1 year to get the gender dysphoria letter. Some psychiatrists may give the first visit. It's hard to say when you get your gender dysphoria letter. It basically depends on the diagnosis. The cost is nearly 100-250$ for it. Some insurance company also covers the cost. Before starting the transition, you can ask your insurance company or move the insurance that covers the cost.

Can I take testosterone alone at home?

Yes, you can. Once you are certified by the endocrinologist, you can start testosterone or hormone replacement therapy at any time. Testosterone makes a person mentally strong. On the other hand, it makes us more masculine in public. Our voices start changing. It's going too deep.

Can a trans man produce sperm?

No, It's not possible. Unfortunately, our bodies can't produce sperm. Because of biological sex, our bodies can only produce eggs. You can reserve your eggs before hystromy.

What are the side effects of testosterone?

There are many side effects of testosterone such as body hair, acne, pimples, voice change, rushes, bottom growth, etc. There are many side effects that we can't share in one line such as depression and anxiety after taking testosterone.

How to Buy STP Packer?

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Can I Play with 3-in-1 STP Packer?

Yes, our STP Penis prosthetics are designed for regular purposes. Before it, trans guys buy specific packers based on use. But now trans guys would like to have a packer that has three or four functions at a time. We have pleasure rods for each packer. You can buy the rods. While you are interested to play, you need to insert the rod. We suggest using condoms and water-based lubricants before play. Though it's not mandatory, we believe in the safety of both partners. Have the best feelings ever.

How to use STP Packer?

The question is now super easy for us. Axolom underwear and harness are good for STP packers. You just simply pack the STP packer and wear it like regular underwear. If you using stand-to-pee prosthetics, you can follow the Axolom STP Packing Underwear article. If you have an FTM packer that has no hole inside it, then you can use the Axolom FTM Packing Underwear article. We have shared the full description. It's very cheap because we think every trans man can afford this. Please send us feedback. We will improve the products if you have any negative feedback. We care about every trans individual.

Can I stop my FTM transition at top surgery?

There is no rule to having any surgeries to be a trans man. It's totally up to you. You can stop your transition at top surgery. No one force you to do bottom surgery or another surgery. Surgery is an extremely difficult procedure. Nobody wants to go through it. Transgender men can live their life without any surgeries. It's depending on every individual.

Can I get pregnant during the FTM transition?

Yes, It's possible. There are many trans guys who have babies during the transition. You must have to follow your doctor's instructions during this time. Your doctor may help you to have a healthy baby inside your body. If you have already done hystromy, then it might not possible.

Can I able for sexual intercourse after a penile implant?

Yes, It's possible. Many transgender men have done penile implants and they can feel sexual desire with their partners. But it's not sure. Some patients have negative feedback. So, you need to complete your inquiry from your surgeon before this surgery. Before having the surgery, you must have to fulfill the general inquiry.

Thanks for reading the article. We hope you'll have some idea regarding the FTM transition. We believe it might be helpful for your journey. If you still have funding issues, you can create a fundraising program and collect the money. There are multiple fundraising sites that may help you to get the funds that you wish for. To get regular updates, you can follow or subscribe to our newsletter.

Disclaimer: Axolom is a Trans Friendly Brand. We would love to share informative articles and would love to share articles with each and every community. We shared the information based on our research and experiences. We believe every FTM transition is different and we respect your feelings. If you feel this article may help your trans brotherhood, then please don't hesitate to share the article. By the way, we may reach more transgender brothers.

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