How To Present Yourself as Transman “Female To Male Transgender”

The subject is the first thing and common object for every transgender man or female-to-male transgender person. The answer is different for every trans individual. We would like to highlight the subject " How to present yourself as a transman".

Before starting hormone replacement therapy, we thought to live a masculine lifestyle. This could be possible if you have a good guidelines or if you follow transmen Youtubers on various social media.

The main topic which you need to fix to become visible your masculinity in front of others. The main topics are:

  • Long hairs.
  • Large Chests / Breasts.
  • Dressing style.

At the beginning of the FTM transition, we would like to show ourselves the best version to everyone. This may be possible if you follow our guidelines.

  1. Long Hairs

Cut your long hair. It helps to look masculine in front of others. Alternatively, you can use caps/huts for hiding the long hairs. Most transman has a few issues in their family. The family restricts them to cut their long hair. So, you can keep your long hair by wearing caps or huts.

  1. Large Breasts

Female-to-male transgender men have to grow their puberty with breasts. For this reason, they have chest dysphoria. By removing breast tissues, the chest can look pretty good. Alternatively, they can use chest binders during their transition or before top surgery.

  1. Dressing Style

Dressing style makes a person beautiful or sometimes poor. Female to male transgender grow their lifestyle with female dressing. The lifestyle can be moved to the male lifestyle through dressing senses. You can buy shirts, and short pants for boys and start your masculine lifestyle.

How to come out as a transman to family and friends?

Remember, nothing can change in a day. Even the mindset is! You can't change their mindset. You can show the positive vibes of transgender people like they did a good job for humans and can show they get various opportunities from the government or organizations.

Then you can start your changes through short hairs, and chest binders. You can fix one day when you can tell your parents or family that you are trans and share your journey like when you feel it and how was it! You can openly share your thoughts with your close ones from your family who can give you mental support.

Supportive is depending on their attitude, lifestyle, and mindset. If your family has good support for transgender people, then they will easily accept you. In most cases, they start supporting slowly. Some parents start helping their children for getting good treatment and some families remove their children from the family for being transgender.

What did you do if they doesn’t support transgender people?

Having a good understanding is better to know or support each other. But some family has a different mindset such as transgender people aren’t good or they are intersex or they shouldn’t live with family. If you know that your family may not support you in the future, then you can find your happiness in different ways. Before coming out as a transman,

  • Find a job
  • Find a shelter
  • Find mentally supportive friends.

The three ways make you have a better day in your future.

How To Present Yourself as Transman “Female To Male Transgender”

How to start your transition before surgery?

Finding a job is the first way to start your transition or make a better lifestyle. Transition can't start in a day or all of a sudden. It takes time. Give yourself time. In this time, you can find a job, shelter, a life partner or mental supporter which may help you to have a healthy lifestyle.

How to continue hormone therapy by hiding the news from the family?

The first 6 months weren't complicated by hormone replacement therapy. The changes in bodies are growing slowly at the begging. You need to find a home or shelter and find a job that may help you.

If your family doesn’t support your FTM transition, then you can show your trans friends or call them to talk with your parents. Everyone loves their families and you need to love. We hope you have a good family. In some cases, the family tries to understand the topic or give their child time and care. However, you need to be always prepared with money and a job.

Can I do a name change legally?

Yes, you may. Most countries support transgender for having the right name and pronoun in their legal documents. Few countries have restrictions. It would help if you talked with a lawyer before starting your FTM transition. Hope it will help you to understand your country's laws. Bangladesh & India has now supported the legal name change for transgender people.

How to date a girl/boy as a transman?

Remember, love has no gender, color, or discrimination. You will meet different types of people in your life. Some of us may reject you but few will accept you as you are. You need to take time for choosing a better partner in your life. A wrong partner may cause your mental illness. Your love may change a person but a wrong person may hurt you more times than you can't think. So, It's better to love a person who loves you as you are. She/he will accept you if they really care about your emotion and love.

How to lead a man's life as a trans man? (pee, sex)

Now a trans man can live a life like a trans man. You can use an STP packer in your daily life that you can use for stand-to-pee prosthetics and you also can use an erect packer during sexual intercourse. FTM Packers are also good for packing. Most people buy our 3-in-1 STP packers which are known as budget-friendly & Best STP Packers in Transgender Community. The STPs basically decrease bottom dysphoria.

How do I represent myself as a transman to my friends?

When it comes to the point to talk with friends about being transgender, they may accept you or badly harass you. We suggest you share the confidential topic with only close friends. Remember, they can also reject you as you are. But don't worry. The truth can't be changed by their rejection. You will be loved by others who love you as you are. No matter your gender or color. True friends always be with you.

Can a Transman impregnate a woman?

No, a transman can't produce sperm. They can't impregnate women. A transman's wife can be pregnant by manually through IVF. The process of IVG is still in research progress. The IVG can be a gift in the future era for transgender, lesbian, and gay, and also for the person who can't be a parent naturally.

What changes will I face after hormone therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is the procedure that helps you to grow facial hairs, body hairs, voice changes, sex boosts, and others. The level of testosterone is going to be higher and on the other hand, the level of estrogen is going to be lower.

How do you know you are trans or nonbinary?

It's a feeling. We discover our identity when we look in a mirror at the age of 6. Ask yourself what you want to do. What's your identity? Your mind will answer it.

How to impress a woman for marriage?

  • Notice everything about her
  • Care her
  • Support her mentally
  • Share private things
  • Clear your identity
  • Send a love proposal
  • Attached with her mentally and psychically.

This will help you to date or marry a woman whom you pray for.

How to save money for the FTM transition?

  • Open a bank account and deposit a fixed amount every month.
  • Avoid yourself from my expensive things.
  • Focus on your transition.
  • Save money for hormones every month.
  • Find a good salary job.
  • Control your limits.

What is the perfect timing for the FTM transition?

There is no exact timing for revealing the identity. It depends on every individual. But we heard 16-18 is the perfect time for having good growth. But that's not meaning that age is the factor for getting good growth. We looked there 60 plus guys who revealed their identity as transgender or non-binary.

How do you know you look masculine or feminine?

Ask the person in front of you that " How am I looking? " They will answer you. No matter whether you look masculine or feminine, you'll still be a human being.

What is the cost of sex reassignment surgery?

Sex Reassignment Surgery is a multi-stage surgery. There are a lot of subjects such as mastectomy, and bottom surgery such as phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, etc. The cost is around 1000$ - 40,000$. Each procedure cost is 1000$ to 10,000$.

Can I feel after bottom surgery(Phalloplasty)?

Few Transman shared their surgery-related information on their YouTube channel. They said they felt something. We also heard that the feelings are very far from our expectations. The surgeon may tell you how much you can feel after having a phalloplasty.

What is the best source for FTM Transition?

Here we share a list that will be helpful for transgender & non-binary guys.

  • com
  • com
  • PointsofPride
  • org
  • net
  • net

How Do I hide my hair?

You can cut a few hairs in front and leave the back hairs. Your parents don’t ask you much for it. You can use a hut for hiding the back hairs. This may help you a lot.

Which surgeon should I choose?

You should choose an experienced surgeon who has done a lot of surgeries in this field. There are many surgeons who offer surgeries at low cost. But you should only follow the best surgeon. We know it may take a longer time for getting a surgery date. But It's okay. You need to wait for the best surgeon.

How do I find the surgeon for FTM surgeries? & Tranahealthcare are the sites for finding trans-friendly surgeons. You can check the surgeon's website for the scheduled date and see the results. We have been following them for 3 years. They provide accurate information to transgender guys.

How do you look in the future?

Faceapp or Midjourney may help you to show a future look at your transition. You can use your present photo and check the gender swap. You'll get a masculine photo of yourself. It gives you mental support in your future.

How do you boost your personal confidence?

Actually, testosterone is the main factor that helps you increase or boost personal confidence. On the other hand, you can motivate yourself with positive words as every transman did.

Can I marry a woman as a transman?

Yes, definitely. You can still marry any person whether they are masculine or feminine. Love has no boundaries. You need to believe that you are a man and you have the ability and responsibility to marry someone.

What is the main problem while starting the FTM transition?

The side effects of testosterone aren't similar for everyone. It can be good or worst. Always follow the endocrinologist's suggestions. He may help you to get better treatment. You shouldn't put yourself in danger by avoiding their treatment suggestions. Remember, life is important more than everything. We love you as you are. No matter whether you would like to do surgery or not.

What is the main factor of our FTM transition?

Mental happiness - this is the main factor. We are doing surgery for having the right life which we missed. But the reason behind the surgery is our mental fitness. We need to be always healthy mentally.

How do I get free chest binders?

There are a few organizations that help to provide chest binders to transgender, nonbinary folks. You can participate in the free chest binder giveaways. Translgbtq included a list in an article of budget-friendly chest binders. You can check the list. We also provide a list below:

How Do I get free STP packers?

There are a few companies that provide body-safe silicone prosthetics. We are one of them. Axolom donates 3-5 STP packers each month. Everyone can participate in the giveaway on Instagram. Join our Instagram now.

How do I know which STP packer should I use for a different time?

There are 3 categories in STPs such as stand to pee prosthetics, FTM packers, and Erect packers. Stand-to-pee prosthetics are used for peeing, FTM packers are used for packing, and erect packers are used for erection. The STP packers can be adhesive or non-adhesive. You may follow one of our articles: All STP Packers which you need according to your desire.

How Do I pack STP packers?

Different STPs has a different requirement. Pack a stand-to-pee prosthetics with STP jockstrap, boxers, and trunks. Pack FTM packers with packing jockstraps, and boxers. Pack an erect packer with a play harness and jockstrap. Axolom also provides FTM packing gears.

How do I find the STP packers list?

You can search the word “ best STP packers ” in google. You'll get different types of STP Prosthesis lists. Each company provides different types of packers.

Can I be intimate with a female partner without discovering my identity?

Yes, you may but it shouldn’t be right. Sexual intercourse is an important thing for both of the persons. Your partner has the right to know your identity. If you don't want to tell the truth, then she may leave you when she'll knows the secret from anyone. You may better tell the truth. Do you know about FTM bottom growth? Here we shared an article.

How do I earn without telling my identity?

You can find jobs online or you can start your YouTube channel, blog website, or drop shipping company. You can review chest binders and STP packers in your channel & use your affiliate link for getting good commissions. This may help you to generate a little income. You can share your journey and your struggle. However, success takes time. If you have a YouTube channel or blog or any community, you can directly communicate with us through email or WhatsApp. Mail: and our WhatsApp number: +1 (253) 449-3372

How do I lose weight after taking hormone therapy?

You can lose weight by controlling your eating habit. Eat healthily and be a healthy person. You can try intermittent fasting, diet plans, workout, or the keto diet you want to try. You can try one or two of these. Regular exercise is good for health.

How can I balance everything during the FTM transition?

Make a proper routine when you eat, walk, diet, sleep, and obey the routine every day. You need to adjust yourself for 3 months. Then your habits will set you everything. You'll maintain or balance your daily life and transition.

How do I get FTM surgery results?

Transbusket & is helpful to getting the right surgeon and results. Before surgery, It's very important to see the results that are handled by the surgeon. The website shares multiple resources with the transgender community. Every transgender can share their FTM surgery results on the website. It's free and very informative. It might be helpful if you have already done surgery and share your results on transbusket.

How do I get FTM resources?

There are multiple sites that help you to get female to male transgender surgery resources. Search "FTM Transition" on google and find out the results. You will get various videos and surgeon data.

How to handle our emotions during hormone therapy?

Depression & anxiety is very common in every transgender people's life. Always remember we need to sort out our problems alone. Motivate yourself from doing or making the wrong decisions. When I feel pained and sad, I just walk alone or cry alone in my room for an hour. It makes me free from pain. Then I find peace by watching Films. You need to sort out your problems by yourself. Sometimes people can't control their emotions and attempt suicide. We feel this should be done. You should love your life more than everything.

Sometimes we can control our emotions by changing habits and keeping ourselves busy at work. And yes, traveling might be a good idea for relaxing.

What should I do if my partner doesn’t accept my identity?

Leave her/him. Your mental happiness is important to us. In most cases, the partner might not support and be a reason for mental anxiety. You can try to convince your partner for a little period but not long.

How does a transgender earn money?

  • Upload videos on the FTM transition.
  • Create a community.
  • Share your surgery complications, and results.
  • Join other community friends and make videos together.
  • Make videos on FTM products and use affiliate links for commission.
  • Make your own blog and provide useful resources.

How does a transgender get a gender dysphoria letter?

To get a gender dysphoria letter, you have to visit a psychiatrist and tell your issues. Tell me how you feel and when it started. The psychiatrist will provide a Gender dysphoria letter after a few sessions. Learn more about Gender Dysphoria.

How do I grow beards?

Testosterone injection helps to grow beards. You can still grow bread without testosterone. It can be possible if you use minoxidil or beard oils. Beard oils help to grow facial hair. Follow How trans man grows their beards faster.

How do I grow my bottom?

We heard DHT cream is helpful for growing FTM bottom parts. But It's not easy to get DHT cream. You can say It's impossible to get it. Few countries are providing the drags but you may get this if your surgeon provides a prescription regarding this.

Do we need to stop hormone therapy if we get pregnant?

Yes, you'll be taking off your hormone therapy for a certain period. It can be 8-10 months. Otherwise, there is a huge possibility of risking losing the baby. Follow your gynecologist. She/he will provide you the clear and healthy instructions for your baby.

Thanks for reading the article. We tried to answer most of the questions that transgender men thoughts. Hope this will help you. Please share the article. It will be helpful for your transmen brothers too. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our regular updates. We'll love to see you again. You can save "Axolom Tutorials" in your bookmarks.


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