The 2023 FTM Transguys Tutorials To Use STP Packers

Packing & STPs are vital essentials for FTM trans guys. Practice is key. For an STP packer, you'll need a lot of patience and practice. To become an expert with your packing gear, you'll need to believe that you can do everything that you want.


Buying an STP packer is very easier than using it properly. Using your STP packer at the home is much better than using public toilets the first time. Start using your packer from today by the following guidelines.

Before starting the full lesson, we must share a preview:

  • What is an STP packer?
  • How to buy an STP packer
  • When do you start practicing?
  • How to clean the STP packer?
  • How to use an STP Packer?
  • How to play with an STP packer?

What is an STP Packer?

STP packer is basically known as stand-to-pee prosthetics made of plastic or silicone mold. Whenever we talk about STPs, we always remember P-Style STP devices. It is a very popular urinating device. The STP device allows a person to urinate and pee through the funnel. STPs helps to decrease the bottom dysphoria.

How to buy an STP packer?

Though there are many prosthesis companies that provide silicone-made penis prosthetics, It's confusing to understand what is our need from these. We have made a list of best Stand to pee prosthetics and Best FTM packers separately. Play Packers are on the way.

Axolom is an STP prosthetics company that made affordable packing gear for trans guys. The prosthetics is well enough to use. The cost of each packer is budget-friendly. Our stand-to-pee prosthetics start from 59$ to 79$ and our FTM packers start from 29$. We provide 4-in-1 STP packers and 3-in-1 STP packers. We believe there are many people who don’t need pleasure rods. So, we add a pleasure rod page especially. If someone wants a pleasure rod, they will buy it from the Pleasure Rods page.

Axolom started in 2020 and they achieved over 5000 plus supports. We not only provide packers but also provide other packing gear such as Boxers briefs, jockstraps, and trunks as well. You will find all the products on the underwear page.

Buying an STP packer is now easy. Check out: How to buy a STP packer from Axolom. You can select any product from the item and check out it.

When do you start practicing?

After receiving your packer, you'll open it. If you have all the day or if you are free, you can follow the guidelines:

  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water. When urination occurs, you'll go to the toilet and take off your clothes. First, the STP packer should be placed in the middle. From where our clitoris starts to just before the bladder. This should be practiced 5-7 times. Practice 3 times a day and start regular practicing. Don't use packing underwear. It may wet during practice.
  • Learn how the funnel flows the water. Every STP packer is different. So, It's impossible to say every STP flows the same way. Put some water and see how it flows and which direction or steps make your urination smooth.
  • Choose the correct packer that suits your body. It's hard to say which packer is suitable or comfortable for your body. You may buy different types of packers. If an STP packer doesn’t suitable for the body, you can replace another one. But before changing a packer, you must practice with it for a week. Some packers look not perfect for the first time.
  • Cheap Packer doesn’t ensure your hygiene and safety. So, choose your packer from 50$.
  • Expensive packers don’t mean It's comfortable or suitable for your body. Choose a standard packer that can replace at any time.
  • Packing with harness, boxers, trunks, and jockstraps is okay. But before trying in the public, practice regularly in your private space. Otherwise, it makes it awkward while you are doing it in public washrooms.
  • Using your STP packer in public washrooms confidently. Always focus on flow. Whenever you feel the overflowing may cause wetness, you'll stop the pee.
  • Don't be upset if you fall 100 times. You'll try again 1000 times. Never give up.

Some guys may need more time to be an expert. It's doesn’t mean you can't do it. You need a lot of patience and always improve yourself. Remember, nothing can stop you.

How to clean an STP packer?

Cleaning a packer is necessary for good hygiene. Every company has different policies for wash. You can generally wash your packers by the following method :

  • Use Regular Soap
  • Use normal water.
  • Boil once a month.

How to use an STP Packer?

Using an STP packer is now easier with some packing gears such as STP packing jockstraps, boxers, trunks, etc. Pack your STP packer in these ways. Read more about it:

  • Pack the packer with STP packing jockstraps/boxers in the morning or during office hours.
  • Pack an STP with an FTM harness while you play.

How to play with an STP packer?

Sexual pleasure is also an essential part of life. During hormone therapy, we have a lot of sensations. We would like to use the STP packers with partners. Some trans guys are interested in women and some are men, transgender women or others. Both can play with their partners.

For Women Partners: You'll need to insert the pleasure rod before playing. It makes the STP packer hard. Alternatively, you can use Play STP packers as well. Now you are ready for your desire.

For Men Partners: You'll tell your partner to play or you can use a pleasure rod by inserting it into the STP packer. And you are ready for play now.

Conclusion: Packing is always a great option. It might be easier and more comfortable while packing FTM gears. Trans guys have few places to gather it. We are happy to share the pieces of information. It might be a great place for the transgender community. Let's share your thoughts with us! Press the share button to reach more friends. Thanks for reading the article.

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