• FTM Binding

    FTM Binding | How To Bind With Tape
    Before there were safe and accessible products for trans* people, many used unsafe alternatives like ace bandages or duct tape to bind their chest to have the tissue appear flat. FTM binding with these materials can restrict your ability to breathe and move properly. Ace bandages, in particular, are designed to constrict, so as you breathe, they get tighter and tighter and can...

    FTM STP | AXOLOM Stand To Pee Devices
      FTM STP
  • How To Wear A Packer

    How To Wear A Packer
    When you’re a part of the trans* community, your mind and/or body can sometimes be your worst enemy. Axolom helps transgender and non-binary people access their gender euphoria instead of dysphoria. There are many options we’ll go over when we explain below how to wear a packer. 
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